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  1. Okay well.. How the data? If there's many houses, inside houses ect. like Casino, so the server is running still. If the data is small or something. But need of course good upload like 1mb, 8 mb or something.
  2. How big it will be? I just thought San Andreas has not any 'area loading' scenes, so i think how someone can HOST that server. It needs very much of data, textures ect. Everything needs something.
  3. I'm sorry 100 times. Are you happy now? What do you mean that i look stupid? Have you seen me? Don't take this personally, but you really need to improve your english if you want me to understand you. P.S I know i said that i don't come back, but somebody quoted me, so..
  4. Okay i'm sorry, but i just don't like MTA anymore. And when i said that 'i wish you finish the project', so they took the thing too seriously. But i can tell you that when you called me 'dumbass', so now i'm very sad And you should know here's people who have feelings! Shallow Hal said that and i agree his comprehension. And i have buddies who're cheaters, but i don't care, because i don't play MTA anymore. Mate, i told you that many times. But i think that you don't belive me. But i tell you what, you can do with it nothing. If it is so hard to understand, please read my text again
  5. Yeah and i say that i really want that you stop the whole MTA project, because it's so fool.
  6. ok. i just think that it is RPG stuff or something, but okay..
  7. no i mean What do you say about my idea
  8. Can somebody do the phone mod for mta:vc? exsample Calling_man: /call Player *Calling_man calling for you. player: /answer Calling_man When they speak on the telephone, then write /phone "Hi! Can you do for me a favor?" Something like that.. And nobody don't see their messages. What do you say ?
  9. I wanna know what is the music?
  10. How long Core has been the idle? 4 Years? Then i started to play mta, i remeber that core has been 50% I'm sorry if somebody don't understand what i talkin', but this is my english.
  11. what is core 0.4 ????
  12. This is not possible! no boats!!
  13. 1. Is there boats? 2. When this is coming out? 3. What is the new in the mta 0.4 ?
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