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  1. Ever heard of 'Referees ?' Totally agree with Azer..
  2. It looks like all clans that can't win from dutch clans go and cry..
  3. It's still a good idea, but i think it ain't getting started.. If i'm wrong i will join ..
  4. If the RC's are better in DM then in Stunt it would be great... ( That if somebody jacked ya rc ya have to die or something to re-enter... )
  5. Yeah dude i can do that ...
  6. Some from XII server.. 04/01/2005 23:34:05 {SiN}-- Reason: Health cheats 04/01/2005 23:24:49 {Kill}San_An Reason: Cheats 04/01/2005 23:24:42 Singa Reason: Cheats 04/01/2005 18:37:53 yannickje Reason: Health Cheats 04/01/2005 17:41:44 Chicken Reason: Jetpack 04/01/2005 14:20:00 ata Reason: Jetpack
  7. All good guns are on the map i think so
  8. You just have 267 i have 275.. The reason why i ain't have a movie is because my fraps dun work..
  9. You can let me know wot and where they are then i place them on the map ( didn't see any more )
  10. A screen for people who need some good guns to kill. It aint looking very good but, good enough to find them. http://members.lycos.nl/extent/Weapon%20map%200.4.jpg
  11. Not all of them - there's still 2 cars in the Blood Ring - can't remember what they're called. Bloodring Banger(s)
  12. Yeah i got a new Stoppie record It ain't really easy to do it so long You just need a 'faggio' or 'pizza boy' And some time Here is the screenshot video ain't worked (some problems with fraps) My 275 Seconds stoppie: http://members.lycos.nl/extent/stoppie_275.gif (click the link)
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