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  1. Any moron who even thinks for a second that we are going to have flying cars in 11 years time needs serious doses of medication...
  2. Mine worked on MTA, but I didn't wanna use it on mta so I alt+Tabed to close it, and that crashed my MTA because game cam is like a plugin thing. Next time i forget to exit game cam ill just leave it...
  3. Well hefty comps would be a must, and conections. But when you think about it, if MTA had all this stuff people wouldnt run around killing each other usually, the most likely thing would just be 3 or 4 friends taking on the city, the servers would consist of maybe 6 - 8 maximum players rather than 16 - 24.
  4. Okay okay, so we all know MTA is mainly client side right? Right. Okay what we do is, (when I say we I mean the mta team) is keep client side pretty much the same as it is now. Now the server, the server has the information about peds, traffic etc etc (obviously with a lot of different epople in the game at different locations = need a pretty hefty server machine). So here we have our server with all the info, the client downloads the info from the server in real time and hence we have syncronised single player features. The key being screw putting the info for creating random traffic etc o
  5. This program is countless times better than fraps. Fraps is crap, you have t obe running your game on a crappy quality, and then compress the videos for the videos to be small enough for the net. You end up with a video taking up a lot of space, and looking really crappy. I just recoreded 1 minute and 40 seconds of footage in game cam whilst on best quality (1600 x 1200 32), in fraps that would be like 300 - 500 megs, (which is why we have to run the game on crappy quality to get anywhere with fraps, especially seeing as fraps slows down your PC also). With game cam that 1:40 of footage was
  6. Holy shizit, I just did what luigi said... WTF does that mean though? The second one could be blowing on the phone, but not the end, thats definately a word, something-seen (forseen, unseen, we never worked it out)
  7. Actually after I saw Liberty City I thought the next one would be San Andreas. Because that was the order of GTA 1. Libert, Vice, SA. If you predicted Vice City straight after Liberty, you either fluked, or are full of it.
  8. Soapurb


    How cute, a website designed by a mentally defective child. Oh, and a clan name thought up by the smartest kids in special school. Makes me wanna donate money to charity or something, to help people like our friends at gta-clan.
  9. Can I have a link to this mods website so I can FLAME THEIR PATHETIC ARSES?
  10. The second one was spooky for me, there's something whispered right at the very end, I can't hear it though even with my speakers turned right up. EDIT: How can you compare the first one to a bug? I think the first one has like latin or something on it, it sounds like someone talking to me, just not speaking english.
  11. Soapurb

    Voice Chat

    Well it would be easier to have everyone able to use voice chat/hear it. Besides MTA runs from a little client window that has the chat in it, surley that would be the perfect place to have voice chat.
  12. nor was deadly games really... But Unfinished Buisiness was mod friendly, and you could easily make your own maps/mods etc, so it lasted longer. Although I must admit I finished JA2 more than 20 times.
  13. Uhh just get a no CD-Crack. I cracked my Vice city AGES ago, I'm not sure if it's legal, but I don't care, I paid good money for the game and I feel I can do what I bloodly like with it, my conscience is clear as day. Besides I had to crack it, CD was busted, and my computer wouldnt recognise the image on my virtual drive.
  14. Soapurb

    Voice Chat

    I would like to see voice chat, MTA is a very interactive game (people set up elaborate stunts etc with friends) it's also hard to ask for help etc by having to type during a car chase. Voice chat could really help in MTA.
  15. For some reason I just remembered these phone calls, and decided to share it with everyone at MTA. These are over a year old now, I recieved these, one on my answereing machine, and one very luckily recorded by a friends mobile which I had borrowed at the time. http://www.possesed-dolly.com/soapurb/plainscary.wav http://www.possesed-dolly.com/soapurb/spookycall.wav If anyone can make anything of them, (I'm sure there is speaking in them, but I can't understand it), or prove them as a hoax or prank (I originally had my doubt, but I've posted them on a few forums without anything concrete),
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