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  1. http://www.I am now deleting all outwar thingyds we have enuf dspam on these baords already we dont need this game making it worst .com
  2. i am lame and spam. i suck ! edited by TermNL
  3. LOL i have that game to but i bought it cuz u needed a cd key to play. Its really good and fun like it has good mods like desert combat. Really fun try it out the demo i mean at http://www.battlefield1942.com
  4. Whats the point of buying it, i already got the new crack for 1.1 and it works i played with my friend and it works. PS If you wanna know how to make it work aim me ill tell you everything you need to know.
  5. No offence but your cd drive sucks and yeh i agree the best system is pre-bulit.
  6. Its the new petium insted of 4 its xeon but its so expenssive i mean you gots to be rich like hell.
  7. Nah i thin amd sucks even though there are better amds than p4 but pxeon will kill any amd proccessor. P.S. No arguing over pxeon its the best lol lol lol. And the best is what you like.
  8. Will it work if i have a boot legged version of gta3 beacuse i downloaded it from kazaa and it works but i dont know about mta.
  9. Finnaly it works but now what do i do after it says you are connected to the server what do i do.
  10. I know there where problems like this one before but when ever i trie to connect to a srever i type in the ip and press connect but it doest say connected to server it hapend to me only once that i was connected and now i cant connect.
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