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  1. It was supposed to be a joke, because there is no id in the wiki for that.
  2. Oh great, never seen this before! *irony off* Tell me, which id is the one for the vending machines, hm?
  3. Of course, but for e.g. about ~ 3 MB download just because of a music you hear while the intro is a bit much...
  4. Hi, it would be very usefull to get control over some musics and sounds that are used in SP - for e.g. the main theme would be perfect for some kind of "intro".
  5. If there has been a request before, then I'm sorry - the search funktion has not brought up anything like this. I thought that one of 1.1 features would be the door rotation...?
  6. Hi, I'm working on some kind of AI-Gangmember for my server ( Vio ) right now - the single pieces of AI are working fine - but when putting them together, I recognized that the enter_exit and enter_passenger-ControlState for Peds does not work, so that I was forced to use warpPedIntoVehicle. It would be very good to have some kind of "forcePedToEnterVehicle"-function in the future, or at least the ControlStates working properly. BTW: Congratulations to the 4th place on ModDB - I'm sure that MTA will be the first place next year - if it's Orange or SA.
  7. JackZipper


    Hi, we ( Vio Reallife ) have the problem that our Server - which runs on a Debian 5.0 btw. - crashes from time to time. We had this problem since MTA Version 1.0, the screen is just terminating and the logs are clean - no sign that the Server has crashed. The Problem occurs on BOTH of our Rootservers, also on Cent OS, so it seems to come from the script. Which things can crash a server without leaving anything usefull in the logs? I hope you can help us...
  8. JackZipper

    Savety again

    20 characters, generated random and changed every week. The facts are, they DID manipulated our files - and the pw is safe... EDIT: Is there the possibility that they could have seen our server-side files?
  9. JackZipper

    Savety again

    Hi, we've another big safety problem: Someone managed to upload / manipulate the server files - all passwords are changed & save, but we still don't know how they've done it... Is there any possibility to edit the server files?
  10. JackZipper


    nope, seems to be a client-side error - can someone move the topic pls?
  11. JackZipper


    Hi, currently we're using the 1.03 Version to run our Server - with compiled client-side files ( LuaC 5.1 ) - but with the new 1.04 Version, all the compiled files have a "CRC-Missmatch" - the error doesn't occur when we use uncompiled files. Is there a possibility to use 1.04 Version AND compiled files?
  12. Perfect! Thanks a lot!
  13. Thanks for your help, the biggest problems are solved now - no more Element Data and a possibility to check who triggered an event. Keep up the good work - 1.04 and of course 1.1 seem to be great on the first view, can't wait to try out the features!
  14. i'll give it a try and write it down here, if it works - thank you very much! Edit: Found this in the wiki: client: the client that triggered the event using triggerServerEvent. Not set if the event was not triggered from a client. Edit2: Usefull, but i still don't have any possibility to check who changed an element Data...
  15. First of all, thanks for the quick reply, i'm on it to bring up my script back to a secure level, but to put some features like an anticheat serverside would be very bad... As i said, a simple onElementDataChange-Event with the one who changed the elementData would help a lot... Also, it would be great to get to know who triggers a Server-Side event - these cheaters on my server used my anticheat to ban other players...
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