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  1. every player has a good and bad day xtrafresh,im not saying im better than uffe,their aint much difference,but you cannot judge who's better of playing 1 day with us
  2. I remember i was very excited about this,the tournament also had a server,and i was chosen to be admin at matches. the only thing else i recall about BoT is that i once joined the bot mta server and no-one was there. times after i didnt heard anything about bot,what went wrong? im willing to help again,but im not too convinced about this
  3. New User Frettub Joined: 05 Jan 2006 Total posts: 34 Location: In front of my computer. Age: 16 Gender: Male ...?
  4. Players: [XII]Lothar & [uVA]Sp*rkY Tag: [-TsR-] (Ti Stracchiamo Racchia) (*"We Fuck You Bad Girl" in italian) Contacts: lothar: lothar240@hotmail.com,Sparks cmd01x@gmail.com
  5. Great job,i could never do it. respect. personally,i don't like it. but i think that's because i played it twice,with some people dunno where they come from. i spawned at the airport,and there were 4 people runnign arround there. tried to shoot them,seemed like non of my bullets hit them. maybe wrong first impression,but for now i don't like it. tho if there's anything i could do to improve the mod or be of help in any way,just let me know. btw,toreno die pls
  6. don't feel like i allready won,cus it could be i score 0 points next race meeting. if u never try,you will never know and si|ent,tbh.. i only thought i won 1 by default,and was in the lead anyway.. at that rocky road map. but i suppose im wrong since you have the screenies oh well,cant recall everything,i was allready awake for 37 hours
  7. Sulphuric Acid FTW ^^ Tho i was a bit confused from the start,with all the map changes and sometimes same maps,i surely had fun. As for the sportsmanships,i didnt even noticed a single bit personally,i do saw you complain about it in chat. i do have heard of a certain "payback" (winks at uffe) but it's still a race,but in the overall i think all people were enjoying it and it was succeeded. gj
  8. Hmm,that reminds me,i would quickly sign up for solo to,if that's possible? since im allready in a duo
  9. gj on the post,i couldn't be bothered
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