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  1. crap i meant software not hardware, dont go screwing around inside your computer lol,
  2. just in case it hasent already come out this issue is somehow directly linked to sound, and just go into your sound driver hardware and screw around a bit, it works... mike
  3. every time i try to start game
  4. i didnt re install the 1.1 patch for gta 3, but im trying to get vice city to work first, then ill work on 3., i have re installed mta several times, and yer, both of them work in single player, mike
  5. ok this is getting annoying, about 3 - 5 monthes ago both gta3mta and mta vc worked flawless ly, since then i had uninstalled both gta's and re installed them, now whenever i try to initialize mta i get that stupid send error or dont send error report box. mike
  6. yeh i would LIKE to play gta3mta, but 1.0 aint supported, and that patch dont work
  7. i seem to get the same problem as mentioned before, when i connect to a o.4.1 server is says connection refused, incompatble version, i check ed everything i cuold and it seems that my mtaclient is still version , even though i installed 0.4.1
  8. ok im back i went on holiday for a lil while and forgot about this thread so, yeh.. umm the reason about the map is on the radar theres always someone on the spawn roof on the radar and it would help for a quick resource to see if your waisting ur time. as for the helicopter part, i can easily dodge one, if you get right up close to the heli you can miss the blades, but theres a bunch of fags here in the oz servers that can stop the blades from turning. so you cant here it comeing
  9. first of all, im sick of being heli bladed by noobs, which is why i propose that the next mta helibladeing only takes about 30-40 points instead of KO. another handy thing would be a full size map blurred on the screen like the scoreboard , when pressing an f number.
  10. no i think the music is appropriate for the game, ya know, the music kinda makes you wanna go comit suicide as in relation to, brother just died, other brother blames you, mother dies, corrupt cops, that are druggies and that frame you for homocide, friends falling apart and dieing, gangs want you dead..
  11. does anyone know what music that is playing? i like it
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