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  1. i still haven't got the answers to any of the repeated rules that have been changed. I still haven't seen any changes to them on the euna website.
  2. there is no excuse for changing the rules , mid game dude
  3. talking rubbish, even after i said good game? Can you be a good sport about this? I know he was killed it was after the match was already over, he believed it was over and gave up anyway. And the only rubbish i was talkin was telling master he's changing the rules. Pipe down retard.
  4. [XII] 2 - [TsK] 0, GG played by all. but one problem, somehow i knew there'd be some way for it to get fkd up. 2nd round, 2 [XII] left and [TsK]SHooTeR, after a long battle there were the only 3 left. ShooTeR tried and tried to get them, but he had to be very careful. after 20 minutes of round 2 fighting this is what starts....... Master is the ref mind you..... [FMJ]master: shooter attack or u loose [FMJ]master: ahh i give u fuckin 2 mins to end this round match was ended due to time limit infraction. - No Time Limit on round duration. (quoted official Euna Site http://www.v51-euna.tz4.
  5. correction: i meant it's not cs or hl2, becuz your not just using guns.
  6. i got an idea, oh and its dead bodies. but yeah i see this game turning into your own personal mod, as if the rest of the guns didn't exist. wait until u kill 1 person then by all means have the best guns. in the rest of the betas we played the game how it was meant to be played with all the guns at your disposal and the heli's choppin. this isn't cs or hl2. a fair game of vc is one where u can use the things implemented, cuz they wouldn't be there if they weren't meant to be used. I wonder if there is a single player vc mod which doesn't allow pickups. WOW that would be somethin huh i
  7. why should they be able to pick them up at all, a sailor with stubby or cop/robber with m4 is nearly un beatable. in the middle of a possible decisive victory. BTW i was killed in round 1 by a sailor toting a shotgun. Wait it was 2 sailors with shotguns and 2 cops with m4's. well i had an arsenal of guns, HAH i had half my m4 ammo a colt and a few grenades. and yes they are reachable by the ground........... if u can avoid 5 grenades at once as u run up the stairs. You try and invade that place with 6 guns trained on your every move. and yes he was glitching them nades i been around long en
  8. Is this a good place to discuss the happenings of the battles? if so i got a few things im wondering about. "{KoQ}GoD: i got m4 from dead body" isn't that just like getting pickups, if so then they shouldn't be able to even touch the guns we drop. I myself can pick up a gun in oh say .2 seconds, pickin off a dead body takes just as long. and the rule about atleast 1 player on the ground when the rest are on roofs. that rule wasn't in effect neither, more than apparent when we had 5 koq on the roof of robinas. {KoQ}Wuhvel: omg hieu u specing this? Hieu: no {KoQ}LEIBUR killed [TsK]KiLL
  9. Glitches, this is my view on the recent updated version of mta .4, since the started playing i knew there was a glitch where you can shoot while running. Well according to opposing enemies, but this glitch makes a large warp occur. I have witnessed many ppl using this glitch, even exploitation of the glitch. Just a heads up to the mta guys.
  10. as for the lack of money and the need to car kill to get weapons, pfft. There are weapon pickup's, 5 or 6 i believe. And if you don't want those guns go sell the clips for money to buy one you want. Also you can destroy cars at their respective spawn points for money. And if you don't ahve any money after that collide your car with any other one, no need for a driver in that car cuz the money will come in anyway. Im not saying i hate car kills cuz i can avoid them by pressing.... spacebar....
  11. It's lame for one reason, say car #1 comes up to car#2. Car#1 and #2 have a demo derby on the streets of liberty, both cars eventually catch fire and explode. Now here comes car #3 the "n00b", both dude #1 and #2 die bc they were hit by the same car. Even if your 1 bar from killing him you were robbed by a "noob", who is more skilled in driving then aiming. Lame, in a way but you can't hate the "noob". I try and respect every player, meaning i use my guns and not my cars. lame $h|t, i realize cars are part of the game and their is no way of changing that, but if you see ppl on the street why b
  12. I was on a server tonight and to be honest it has been everynight for the past 2 weeks where i cannot frag without a cheater showing up. I cannot go to my own clan server's anymore due to the recent ddos attacks. I myself was attacked not more than 6 hours ago. This admin problem either has to be stopped or I believe ppl will lose there hopes for mta in the future. This is a post to all admins registered for ASE, if this problem isn't stopped I myself will quit playing entirely. Big deal is what your saying, it is a big deal when everyone agrees when I say either active admins or inactive play
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