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  1. well i got 1 thing to say for fuck sake get a beter net code lol go to gta:c ask for theres or get it from soldat http://www.soldat.pl
  2. well lets put it this way i got a 744mhz thats fucking slow and i get 3-6 fps now in 0.4 coz of weather iv stoped playing not totaly juist for about the time blue takes to come out lol
  3. ok i was playing on the new drug mta sever with admin and there was lvl 1 2 3 4 5 so i got the lder you get like strenth and shit and xp so you can lvl up and get power full itl be 1337
  4. could i host a mirror on my site wen blue comes out ? i would love it sadly i think you will say no
  5. well this is a prob i have i got a slow pc my game runs at 30 fps in single player but in mta it runs 12 i have .avrage of 8-9 wen im in a full sever its 5-7 will this be fixed ?
  6. y dont you make the players be abil to swimm its a simple scm code i wont it in blue and for stunt make it so you got .inf health
  7. well some 1 get the beta of wow and see what i mean its cool i would say go to the storm craft site itll be there
  8. i was thinking iv played world of war craft beta 2 and my bros makeing a sever with vb6 its cool how the sever stores things so i was thinking make it like wow were the admin of the sever can place items like jumps and shit on his sever ? and the other players can see them to make guys that are in shops and you buy stuff from them
  9. wile were on the topic y dont they put missions in things like you juist said and you got to steal cars from sun shine and shit itl be cool
  10. i got a cool ider you make it so theres members of a team sort of like cs were you got sniper spy and shit with spy he can hide for like 1 min and then bercomes visible thatl be cool and you can be cop and chase down the robbers and arrest them then on there screen it says busted or some thing ? land itl be cool if you can put bomes on cars then it moves and boom its gone juist my 2 cenc
  11. i have see gta3 and it 1337 so y not make it so you buy guns in vc too ? so you can stunt on your way there for cash 2 buy guns and but ammo
  12. im so sad VcXs is gone i was in it from the start but ratez juist got bord and left y dont we have a party and show him what it ment to us plz i rely wont to have VcXs back
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