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  1. hey nice cars and ur game looks so cool can u give me a link on how to do this to ur game co i like ur police stars and ur mansion and etc becous i can't see where u live, i got to search te link becous i only know the dutch site where u can download..... oh well, here he is: http://www.gtacrime.nl/downloads/mirror2.php?zip=twog2 goodluck the blue car is a normal mod, downloaded @ gta3.net and that ferrari is in the mod, almost every car changes, buildings are changing, but you've got to start a new game. back up your main.scm!! dont forget that!! after you've installed it, paste your or
  2. yeah, that was a very good stunt movie, you gotto make a second stunt movie man, your so good in it
  3. a wheelie is so holy shit easy with a dirt bike you dont even have to give gass.... yeah yeah my fucking english is bad, i know EDIT: try to make a 1minut wheelie with the faggio, damn, so difficult
  4. cool pictures, the low rider is so damn cool, bad that the riding sucks here a picture of me 2favorite cars:
  5. you can fly in there olso you didn't used that glitch?
  6. wow! cool video, i really liked it! and a major good script 9/10
  7. lol, if installed, download no cd crack, simple though but if your to lazy or something, good bye, but why leave, you still can spam around see ya
  8. oh well, just wait for release 0.4 mta who can get on the malibu in kill mode without choppers or some like that?
  9. am i the only person that can't grind?
  10. when i land on my front wheel, i flip over
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