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  1. hmm why make the aiming worse than it is? the reason bullets fly straight is because it's harder to aim in 3rd person as it is in 1st.. Especially with that type of crosshaire as seen in 3rd person shooters.. voice chat would be funny though.. but couldn't you just integrate an existing program? like ventrilo.
  2. Excellent! The Vice City engine seems to be much better than the GTA3 engine.. I don't know what it runs like on slower PC's but for some weird reason VC runs better than 3 on my system.. One thing I am a bit worried about is the fact that the level will be so incredibly huge, that it might take the fun out of multiplayer a bit since you have to travel for much longer periods of time to reach some place. Can't wait though!! If you are in any need of a php/mysql programmer for the website I will be having vacation in about 2 months which will give me some time to do some side projects.
  3. Welll, after being thoroughly addicted to Vice City for the PC since I got it 2 days ago, I was *EXTREMELY* dissapointed not to find ANY multiplayer in it again.. So, I was really hoping you guys will be able to make MTA for GTA:Vice City as well.. Because Vice City is 10x better than GTA3.. It runs better on my system, looks better and has too many extras to list
  4. A very good point about the pedestrians.. However, similar environments have already existed in other games (Carmageddon). The most important thing to remember about games is that they need to be able to send lots of small packets very fast. The amount of data that really gets transimitted is about 2 to 3 KB/s only.. I agree I have no idea about what MTA will require, but with 1 Mbit you should be able to setup a nice server
  5. a 1Mbit connection (100KB/s up & down) should let you host about 32 players usually, I think.. But lower that to 24 or 16 for best performance. With dedicated servers these days it does matter what kind of CPU you have. Something over 1Ghz would really be necessary if you want to host that many people (16+) since the netcode was switched to UDP traffic there should be a great improvement in performance connection wise. TCP connections first have to negotiate a connection, send their packets, and close again. UDP just fires the packets away and doesn't care if they reach you or not.. This
  6. GTA3 has problems with a lot of soundcards.. If you have a SoundBlaster 128 PCI or one of those CMI based onboard ones I really suggest you upgrade.. A friend of mine had problems with GTA3 after upgrading everything except for his soundcard.. He bought a SB Live 5.1 and all his lagging disappeared.. It's really the combo of hardware which makes the difference.. One crappy component can screw it up for the rest of the system. One of best advices is: Don't use any onboard things, they are always lower quality than a decent card.
  7. actually Aldi just had a VERY good deal! about $1300 for a 512MB DDR system with 2.4Ghz, Radeon 9500PRO, 80GB 7200RPM UDMA133, DVD-R/RW + CD-RW!! Btw, you don't want to waste your money on flatpanel screens.. they suck for displaying of colors, especially on nVidia cards.. But, the best brand for monitors is: liyama.. No question about it.. Then comes CTX.. Anyway, get a monitor with high refresh rate (75Hz+) at the res you want to run at and make sure the dot-pitch is low (.25 is nice, lower is better though.. I have a .24) One thing, don't get a Geforce FX, they are way overpriced... Your
  8. the only thing I like about the GoE version is the dedicated server.. A game need a dedicated server to really run properly.. Otherwise you get servers like in Tony Hawk 3, people were lagging either because the connection was too slow or the CPU was slow. You could at least make a server version which doesn't let you play at all or shows graphics or plays sound.. But would still need the gta3 info to a certian extent.. That can then be built into a full dedicated server later on.. Just puking up some ideas
  9. I have a: AMD XP 1800+ Asus A7V266-EX 256DDR 266Mhz (upgrading to 512 next week) Club3D ATI Radeon 9700 - 128MB AGP (€ 280,- only) I run all my games 1024*768*32 with 4xAA and 16xAF. Everything runs at least 40FPS up to 120. And in GTA3 I have trailing ON It's definitely your CPU that's the problem. Basically anything above 1Ghz will run the game just perfectly.. What REALLY makes a good difference is a good motherboard + RAM and a decent videocard. You want to go for a DDR system with at leat 256MB, and you could get a cheap XP 1500+ for now.. that will last you at LEAST another year
  10. wow quite a big jump all of a sudden! seems like you are almost there! I can't wait, I'll finally have a reason to play GTA3 again! En veel dank voor al het werk!! Us Dutch are all over the web lol..
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