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  1. Yea, me and my friends played the 2player mode for hours last night. This is definatley the best GTA ever.
  2. Just sort of an off-the-cuff, wacky, cooky kind of question for ya here... Why the hell bother playing Single Player at all if you don't want to earn all the rewards? What's the point? Where's the effort? Where's the challenge? Because I have already achieved all the rewards countless times. The problem with working your way towards the rewards is that by the time you've finished everything - what good are the rewards? There are no missions left to utilize your newfound abilities. That is why I want to have all the rewards from the start of the game, so I can play through all of the miss
  3. To clarify, I am not looking fot a 100% savegame, but for a way to start a new single player game with all the same rewards that one would recieve for completing the game 100%. Basically, I want to be able to start a new game, but have all the items and hidden packages and whatnot, but still be able to play through all of the missions.
  4. GTA originated on PlayStation (Grand Theft Auto 1) and should stay on PlaySation(2). If it were for the PC it would still not have multiplayer because the heads of the GTA team say they have not even begun to think of multiplayer GTA - single player is their only focus right now. Also, the graphics for San Andreas are pretty good, I'd say, considering every car has shadows and reflections as well as everything else in the game with real shadows. Plus there are tons of new lighting and weather effects being implemented as well as higher quality textures - all of this on a dual-layer DVD? No PC
  5. Ok, so I'm anticipating San Andreas and wanted to get my fix by re-playing Vice City on single player. I used to use my PS2 for single player until my disc somehow went bad, so now I play the PC version. I was wondering if anyone knows of any mods (single player mods - not for MTA) or savegames that will allow me to have all of the benefits of completing the game 100% (extra health, hidden packages, weapon pickups, infinite sprinting, etc.) but still start me at the beginning of the single player game. In essence, I wan't all of the rewards for beating the game to be granted to me as soon as a
  6. I use WinXP Professional and have no problems running MTA - but, yea, what is Reloaded?
  7. I don't think these bots are actually in the game are they? The only bots I have encountered were ones in which you could type a command and it would say 'XXXX killed BOTNAME' and credit you for a kill. I have never seen a bot that could kill other players. So what type of bot are you talking about Oli, because the ones I've seen seem to not pose any threats or anything other than innacurate scoring. The last time I saw a bot was last month, so as Outback said - their popularity seems to have worn off.
  8. No Miami Vice is about the cops in the stylized TV depiction of Miami. Vice City also uses this same stylized depiction of Miami and the name 'Vice City' is probably used to make it obvious that it is based on Miami (Notice Lance is also voice by Tubbs as n!ckl said and also 'Crockett's Theme' from the show, which became somewhat of a hit during the 80s, is also featured on the radio in Vice City. Vice is not a nickname for a place in Miami PS - Wu-Tang Forever, bitches
  9. Doubt it about playing MTA, but you never know
  10. I just thought this was kind of funny -- I was listening to music just now and on this song 'Mama Can You Hear Me' by Theodore Unit (which is a new rap posse started by Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan)... Well, anyways about mid-song I heard the lines: 'Wild like them Haitians on Vice City/ In Lil' Havana' (You can move this thread to wherever it's the most relevant - or just delete it if nobody cares, which is probably the case)
  11. What would be the difference between a randomizer and a shuffler? Theyd both be randomizing (or 'shuffling') the tracks. An in-game track selector would be the best option, I think (hint, hint MTA team ).
  12. Here are my Desktops, theres are the only two wallpapers I've had in the past year or so. http://www.maj.com/gallery/thedvs01/Des ... ktop01.jpg http://www.maj.com/gallery/thedvs01/Des ... ktop02.jpg The first is a portion of the album cover to Metallica's 'Load' - It's a photo by a famous photographer who took two bodily fluids (can you guess which? -- the hint is in the title) and pressed them between two slides of plexiglass. The second is from a collection of art I found online - I just inverted the colors. Its called cut glass because thats a razor in the glass if you can't tell. I th
  13. thedvs01

    DOOM 3

    I 'aquired' a copy of Doom 3 - and oh man is it bad ass. I love the lighting effects, they are done so well. I'm waiting for Half-Life 2, thought. I played the leak of it and its much cooler than Doom 3 - and it was just an Alpha version. Trust me - Half-Life 2 will be the shit.
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