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  1. Okay, so i am making a mini script called WPK fun script for my clan. But i want to make a command "!betdice " You bet a number on the dice 1-10, and how much cash you want to bet it. This cash will come from the prs.cash. This is my first attempt at scripting, but this is what i have so far: /*_____________________________________ |---------------------------------------| |-----------WPK FUN SCRIPT!-------------| |---------------------------------------| |----------By -WPK-OddWorld-------------| |---------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| */ on *:SIGNAL:mta.connect: { .timer 1 2 mta.text $1 Script Reactivated } /* Scooby %a script alias wpk.person { var %a = 0 while (%a < %loop) { if ($+(*,$2,*) iswm $mta.nick($1,%a)) !return %a !inc %a } } */ on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !betdice) { if ($4 == $null ) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Please specify a dice number and ammount to bet, example: !betdice <dice number> <ammount> I'm not sure how to random the number from 1-10, then pm the player to say they won / lost, but i also want the percentage of winning to be %60, and losing %40. Is this possible? Sorry if i confused you, just tell me if you don't understand something. I think the random number script will be: var %a = $rand(1,10) But i'm a noob so i'm probably wrong My MSN is: grandtheftscratcy@hotmail.co.uk