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  1. We have had some serious thoughts about playing MTA:SA, we even played MTA:SA a few weeks after the first few weeks, but we never tried to settle a team for it, since we are more in to fragging than racing, since MTA:SA is a race mod, it wasn't really the mod we wanted to play as a team, nor do the "clanwars" on MTA:SA feed us. We just have a SA server up, because our 0.5 server (Deathmatch) was quite empty, SA seemed to attract more players to our server, so we decided to keep that one up and running, since most of us can't be bothered with playing 0.5 or MTA:SA anymore, we haven't layed an eye on the server for a long time, and just kept the server running, even though it's going down on the 26th of this month (if it's actually still up, lol), since we feel it's just wasting our money this way. We are currently waiting for the first SA-MP Deathmatch mod to be released, so we can start all over again and start recruiting again there, so we can continue our dominating there, well at least... my clanmates will, I'm going to retire from these GTA multiplayer mods on the release, and leave Azer in control, I might join the team back later, but don't count on it, and if I do, it's just to be with my lovely teammates again. Looking at the current status, SA-MP will be the first releasing a decent SA multiplayer, so you'll probably will find us back again there. For more info, look at our site, or go to #xii (gtanet). Hope you have enough information now. Thanks for your interest.
  2. [XII]Fexsi0n


    You actually believe on online gaming without cheaters? Think again. Every game has their cheaters, no matter what, even if that game has some good anti-cheat protection, there will always be some... As for the current MTA:VC, you can see people fly cars, when they are flying a helicopter in their game, it's a bug, but could be a cheater, and the bug makes it harder to spot whether someone's modding his vehicles or not... As for the god mode, most of the time the people you think are using it are just plain laggers, again... some of them are real cheaters, others are just lagging the hell out of you... Ah well... according to the "man tell me how u do it" in your post you'd love to know how to cheat in this game, so why am I writing this in the first place ..
  3. http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=1874 CS:Source admins darky Cable LD CS:S Cup Supervisor Dyno- Cable CS:S Cup Supervisor M3DS Cable CS:S Ladder/Cup Sup SpukkZ Cable CS:S Cup Supervisor
  4. Krix & me will join then. We'll make up a teamname later on...
  5. He's getting some serious training. EFL/TeQuila^ rejoined. Welcome back, mate.
  6. Nizzo joined the team a few days ago, needs some practice, but we're working on it. Welcome mate
  7. [XII]Fexsi0n

    New Clan [Vt]

    Vice Terror? Believe that was between 0.2 and 0.3
  8. Took down the VC DM server for a MTA:SA server. 100mbit, 32 slots @ server.clan12.com:22003 ////////////////////////////// I'd like to welcome Krix to Majestic Twelve. Update the first post Azer
  9. 2 matches have been played; Poland vs Hungary 3 - 0 Finland vs Hungary 3 - 0 And the French team wants to join the tourney now. Apart from that, not much.
  10. Fair enough, even though letting them arrange wars themselves can cause a lot of problems as well.
  11. That's not the date for a match, Spitfire... @ RazoR; that's not exactly what I mean, it would be nice if there was a weekly schedule of matches that should be played in that week, imo. That's all what I'm on about. If the "board and organisators" don't wanna make it, just say so, and I'll be fine with the way it is now. But a place where we could view the standings is a must. Afaik Azer's working on that.
  12. Couldn't you just make a schedule or something? Would work better than this "arrange your matches yourself" thingy, I think. Also, it would be nice to see the standings and results somewhere, especially the standings, you could place them in your first post for example, or make a (PHP) webpage for it, could be easily done. Ah well, nice to see it actually started already.
  13. Who cares, RazoR, they claimed it in this thread, so they got their name printed on the map, pretty logical, tbh.
  14. I could give a big reply on that again, but I won't... I get your point, though I still stick to mine. I watch this forum often, to read news about clans, new clans, or something similar, not to read some crap about 1 clan/player having some troubles with another clan/player, yes... it could be useful information, but it doesn't really fit in here, imo. Anyway, said I would leave it as it is now, so this will be the last "offtopic" post in this thread (however "Good luck" could still fit in). No hard feelings, allright? Hope you guys sort this mess out.
  15. It's not the same Neon, Tommis. At least, I believe not, the one you're talking about also applied for XII, I gave him a chance because I though it was the other, I asked him if he was in TxL, he said no. So probably... another one.
  16. I did read the first post, I also read the forum description, which says: Now this is a MTA gang, but that's not really what the topic is about, tell me who's actually wrong then? This is the 3th non-gang topic in 2 weeks, the only new topics that appear here are whine topics about lame gangs, or their cheat0r members, is that really where this forum exists for? He should've just get in touch with the ~UL~ guys, instead of posting this thread, if he can't, well.. bad luck, he could always tell his MTA friends on MSN how lame and gay these UL guys are and they should just totally ignore ~UL~... You really want people to post topics here, which include; "z0mg, these clan r teh hax0rs" "oh noes! hax0r is a cheat0r!" "This clan is so lame for stealing our scripts" "These noobies are admin abusers, lol, don't visit their server" "Boo, they stole our site and forum" I mean, I could've posted hundreds of such threads during the years I'm playing this mod, as well as others, would you really like to see that? I certainly don't... Yes they are lame for 'stealing' your crap, but tbh... you ain't much better if you use my MOTD, the old one - yes, edited to your needs. Btw, their forums are down, so I can't judge them anyway... EDIT: RazoR, this is an other UL, not the one Wisey used to lead, they just happen to use the same tag, prolly for some 'innocent' reason.
  17. Nothing wrong with the recording, imo.
  18. The VC one is the first one you made I actually like, lol. Try to work a bit with gradients, blend your scanlines better and try wroking some more on those white transparacy thingies, use them the way they're ment to be... Oh, you could've better placed the "Multi Theft Auto : Vice City" text a bit more to the right. Hf, gl.
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