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  1. Try: EDIT: Fixed some arguements. function warpStatus(player,cmd) if player then if (getElementData(player,"warp.status") == false) then setElementData(player, "warp.status", true) outputChatBox("You have enabled your warping", player) else setElementData(player, "warp.status", false) outputChatBox("You have disabled warping", player) end end end addCommandHandler("warpstatus", warpStatus) function warpMe(targetPlayer) if (getElementData(targetPlayer,"warp.status") =
  2. Here is 100% fixed.. Client: function trolo() x,y = guiGetScreenSize() guiDrugs = guiCreateWindow(x-285-20,y-253-20,285,253,"F3 - Drug Manager",false) lblDrug = guiCreateLabel(17,31,32,16,"Drug:",false,guiDrugs) lblAmount = guiCreateLabel(203,31,50,15,"Amount:",false,guiDrugs) rdoCannabis = guiCreateRadioButton(15,55,135,17,"Cannabis",false,guiDrugs) guiRadioButtonSetSelected(rdoCannabis,true) rdoHeroin = guiCreateRadioButton(15,79,135,17,"Heroin",false,guiDrugs) rdoCocaine = guiCreateRadioButton(15,104,135,17,"Cocaine",false,guiDrugs) rdoLSD = guiCreateRadioButton(15,129,135,17
  3. Glad you got it working by yourself. Just edit the server load function like this: -- load function loadTextNumb() playeraccount = getPlayerAccount(source) if (playeraccount) then number = getAccountData(playeraccount,"number") if (number) then -- DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THE NUMBER ARGUEMENT else -- No number found.. New player triggerClientEvent(source,"firstTime",getRootElement()) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",getRootElement(),loadTextNumb) and add client: addEvent("firstTime",true) addEventHandler("firstTime",getRootElement(), function
  4. You can figure it out by yourself It's not really that hard.
  5. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=46798&sid=1ad4be054f61e0cd6479f64dfdb7a7a1 I just wrote an answer to that topic.. It's easy to modify from that.
  6. Well for the client: addEvent("getLabelTxt",true) addEventHandler("getLabelTxt",getRootElement(), function() textt = guiGetText(mylabelnamehere) -- PUT YOUR LABEL NAME HERE triggerServerEvent("saveLabelTxt",getLocalPlayer(),getLocalPlayer(),textt) -- we will send it to the server end) and the server: function getTextQuit() triggerClientEvent(source,"getLabelTxt",getRootElement()) -- trigger client end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",getRootElement(),getTextQuit) -- save addEvent("saveLabelTxt",true) addEventHandler("saveLabelTxt",getRootElement(), function(pl
  7. Hello Perfect, lets assume you create your blip. Create it like this. perfectBlip = createBlip ( 0, 0, 0 ) -- now destroy it destroyElement(perfectBlip) And destroy it with destroyElement.
  8. All servers "sold" out. Could a moderator lock this
  9. Sure, add my... No ... I think I have your MSN already?
  10. Nothing can be DDoS proof in 100%. And I wouldn't call blocking access to the server as "hacking". If I have more time - I'd like to take one (around 20 slot would be enough) - but I don't have time right now, too bad for me, huh? Yeah, I know.. But it will protect the "noobiest" ddos attacks, also it can't be hacked, there isn't anything that is installed as root.. Yeah, ask me if you need a server.
  11. Hey, I'm offering FREE MTA:SA hosting, because I have so much space on my dedicated server Some specs: RAM: 6GB Processor: Quad Xeon X3430 Network Connection: 1GBIT/1GBIT Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Yes, I know the game-monitor says the servers are in UK, but the dedi uses old IP range.. You can trace the IP if you really need proofs ) Slots you can get: 100 FTP: Yes IP: This dedi is DDoS proof, so it can't be hacked. Contact me via PM if you want one, only three left
  12. I think he is speaking about DDoS, he's network/server is Ddossed and it's "frozen"
  13. Yeah you did, didn't you started the insulting? I don't really like you, first of all, when somebody is suggesting a great update, you come and yell, insult the writer of topic and so. Maybe look into mirror?
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