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  1. WOw Looks pretty Nice uh? i Can't wait ..
  2. Well watchin the possibilities of MTa 1.0 i was wondering me if is possible to allow the Single player Pool table in the MTA, and make it Multiplayer, this can be considered like a Request becouse im not scripter., but ima proud player of ValhallaGaming Member, and ill be very happy (and im not the only one) if we can have for our server a feature like that,What do you think about? I think gonna be epic if we can bet our Ig moneys in Pool tournaments ..eh? I have no moneyz to hire a scripter,im a poor spanish guy , but i hope someone want do that only for the love to the RP servers.
  3. Hey . hello, i have a question.. Is it possible to Delete the original map objects? Is there a way for example to delete one city of the map? imagine the posiblitie to create a new whole map yourself.. less objects= maybe less lag, troubles etc.. What ya'll think?
  4. how its going this ? I wanna see the results
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