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  1. Sounds like overly ambitious. What algorithms are you planning to use, and how exactly are you going to implement the learning? I'm quite sure it will be in practice. Making it do stuff it learned from people isn't very hard. Making it show learned behavior intelligently is extremely hard.
  2. Not releasing the script should be all the protection you need, I think. Just make sure you know the people you share it with.
  3. Pure freakin genious. Lovely how such a simple source file can produce a stunning gamemode like that.
  4. It means: Greasy movie man! I'm still laying double about it! now in decent English: Nice movie man! ROFLOL!
  5. I need to ask you guys a favour. go to http://www.ballerium.com and sign up. Ballerium is a MMO, an MMORTS to be exact. It really was a nice project, but due to financial troubles, it probably got canceled today. But the fact is, there are currently 9,874 members, and i'd like to see it rising to 10000. Please do this for me, it would make me a happy man. Thank you.
  6. lol, i really don't care about the gore, sof 2 is a nice, strategical game. I just hate that you can't just play for fun for 10 minuts, because in 50% of the servers you have to download some crazy mod first, with a wonderfull rate of 1 kbps. And with the Gold version, that damned Punkbuster used to kick me because I installed sof in a different folder! And then there is Counterstrike's Steam. I'm not even gonna start about that. I just hope MTA won't become such a game, torn appart by some nerds who want to be "special" and create a useless mod. Now who the hell did I get started about tha
  7. A couple of minits after i connect to a server, i begin experiencing extreme lag, although i have a low ping. how come?
  8. OK, i've got the newest version of MTA:VC, but i still can't see people on the map! What should I do?
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