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  1. Rebel. <3 Currently on my second year in college, had to reduce my gaming time considerably, sadly! I'm on a computer course as well, although it's quite a low'ish level, it'll do for now until I can finish college. I'm still a bit hooked on WoW, but gave it a rest for Bioshock, Team Fortress 2 & other great titles popping up recently! \o/ All my GTA games are currently uninstalled, but might give San Andreas' DM a swing sooner or late. Looks like a lot of progress has been made since I popped in for the racing mod, a long time ago.
  2. Hey, you old geezers.
  3. Say again? I was always late for those bike competition hosted many months ago, pity, would've been fun to try racing more than 10+ players
  4. Here's what you do, go to the south Police Station and pick up a Maverick Helicopter, now wait for a player to get into the open ... Then you proceed to slice him with your roflcopter blades! Tends to work out just nice
  5. How many times. I think you should get that as a copy/paste reply by now Jon
  6. Nobody in the community, knows his history better than Jon . That page could definetly look at getting a update.
  7. Damn, I always stepped into the Ankeborg server and started killing everyone, players got so mad at me RP noob!
  8. /me likes. Impressive work MTA team And to think.. Haven't even bought a copy yet
  9. lol! Loved it Error
  10. Best thread ever. I don't have a mousepad.. Laser for teh win!
  11. That's just the savegame file, don't delete it unless you want to complete everything again. I'd say the safest solution is to get a fresh install of VC installed, then reinstall Multi Theft Auto. Just get rid of that LC crap
  12. Scorp

    Cannot install patch 1

    That's because your opening the MTAserver.exe directly from it's file.. You'll need to extract the patched exe to (C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto\) - default path. This is where the unpatched mtaserver.exe is located; along with the configuring files. Just replace the exe with your patched one and run it from there.
  13. lol Aeron that's how you normally speak anyway. MTA supporter with 2 warnings heh
  14. Ah of course but my vote stays at the future. (Not that I can change it.)
  15. APOCALYPSE!!11oneone! umm I don't know, fastforward in time and download MTA:Blue? (This one was bound to be posted. ) Have a nice timetravel suitcase with me, pack up a top of the line PC.. Probably nothing combatible with todays apps lol. Also, I would be very interrested in seeing what scientific bounderies we have passed, or maybe I'd end up in a smog'ed hellish planet with all our polution having had some consequnces on mankind. The future is out there! *cough*