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  1. haha, i will look into changing your weapons when i get a chance
  2. ReV added. i cannot put the gates that SiN has there.. if your spawn was a garage like theirs, i probably could. but it would look really funny to have a garage style door without an enclosing to surround it... you're stuck with the typical gates.
  3. [spT] has been accepted $VL$ has been accepted [TP] has been accepted.
  4. choice of 6 vehicles* sorry no police issue or race vehicles. (like nrg, sandking, hotring, bloodring as these are reserved for special places on the map)
  5. We are now taking (new 9/19/09) Gang applications. All participating gangs are provided with their own custom spawn, with exclusive clan password, skin of choice, base pickups(weapon, health, and armor), choice of 6 vehicles, gates, and weapons of their choice(melee, pistol, primary). To be considered for your custom spawn your clan must be establish for some time, must have at least 5 (active) members, and your members must be on the server almost daily. We ARE hosted in Dallas, TX. USA. We accept any and all foreign gangs. Current Clans: [MM] SiN// [TM] [spT] $VL$ [TP] ReS Retir
  6. if anyone wants to let me fight for them i would love to get a ronseal in my sights!
  8. nick


    sure i'll pay for you.
  9. nick


    domain is less than 6 dollars a year you cheap-asses.
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