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  1. kidul

    How did you get to MTA?

    just found a video on youtube about mta and its impressive possibilities ,so I immediately deinstalled sa-mp and played mta. I also showed the video to some friends and they left sa-mp too
  2. why don´t you make a stimulus map pack for mta ;D that would be awesome
  3. kidul

    The White Rabbit

    i can only identify a rabbit, some gta screenshots ....and oranges
  4. love it youre talented
  5. kidul

    Mta orange? :S

    I don´t like oranges too. MTA: Banana would be perfect.
  6. nevertheless .. good job.
  7. kidul

    Full HD

    thank you , works great now
  8. wow , nice one and great that you used custom textures.
  9. kidul

    Full HD

    Just a suggestion, could you make it possible to play mta with a resolution of 1920x1080 px ? Looks so ugly on my big screen There is already a patch to make gta_sa 1.0 playable with such a resolution... but afaik mta does not let you start with the d3d9.dll
  10. ye ,i already know how to get the end of a file ... but i don´t know how to get the next line. thanks anyway
  11. hey, how can I set the read/write position of a file to the next unwritten line? I used fileFlush ,but it always uses the first line . Hope you can help me
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