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  1. Flying and shooting the hydra and the hunter is easy enough with WASD and a mouse with 8 buttons.
  2. A very nice video indeed. Can't wait to get Blue
  3. You might not need proof, but everyone else needs it. No one is going to believe it when some random person comes and says "they hacked my MSN!!". I seriously doubt StK would ever even consider hacking anyone's MSN account (or something similar) for just not being in terms with the person in question. I don't think they would even have the skill for doing the previously mentioned things. PS. Yes, I understood you meant things like MSN hacking in your earlier post. EDIT: There you see, StK did nothing.
  4. To [uVA]Gunny: I cannot understand how on Earth you can have the impudence to state something like "StK are hackers" with the complete lack of proof or evidence. Even though I've seen a lot of whining and completely unconstructive moaning about the stupidest things during (and after) some MTA matches I've played, before this I thought no one could be thick enough to do that kind of stuff. My belief has now been proven wrong. You, Sir, are an idiot.
  5. Yep, the clanwars after the comeback: vs. StK, 3-0 to us. vs. AnK, 2-0 to us. vs. StK, 3-0 to us.
  6. MTA was suggested, but Clanbase didnt approve it, the reason being "This game can not be played competitively."
  7. That just indicates you need more practice. I.ex whilst you are jumping, have a quick look at the radar, there's more than enough time then.
  8. The radar has been invented, and it shows any player coming at you at high speeds. Also not looking to the same direction all the time helps a lot.
  9. I've had much experience with T0niC, and he REALLY is a dumbass. You dont have to believe me, but i suggest you to. He takes everything seriously, probably he took this april fool for real.
  10. Bah, T0niC is just a well known jerk, idiot and cheating supporter in the finnish MTA community.
  11. As you can see, the rules are completely clear. Maybe we should add a "no adding of rules during the match" or something for these newbs
  12. I also have KX drivers but i've never had problems with MTA.
  13. Mate

    Liquid's screens

    In 0.3, the chat box didnt show text all the way up. Have a look at the other screens @ http://koti.mbnet.fi/shadow0/Filet/MTA:VC/ .
  14. Nice map. I'd like to see those in the next version of MTA. My post had disappeared, so i decided to post again. :E
  15. What has GTA2 to do with MTA? Anyways, I'd like to see more characters, including å ä and ö, supported too. Im so tired typing a instead of ä, o instead of ö, cause i dont have to do that with other online games i play (i.ex CS:Source)
  16. It's nice that StK made it here. GL
  17. No, we got the script working this time. Anyways it wouldn't have been needed because each round lasted about 2-3 mins
  18. GG for the match. mfC - FMJ 3-0 for mfC. Totally pwned
  19. Mate

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    Haven't you seen the countless robber spawnwars? They indicate the robber being the dominant character. If I were the one who decreased the stubby damage, I'd have halved it.
  20. Mate

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    Because the robber is unfair in 0.4.1.
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