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  1. TRY: alias mta.text { if (brb == $3) { mta.say $1 I DON'T THINK SO! mta.ban $1 * } } ... it bans everyone doesnt it?
  2. hehe that sounds fun when we were at our most on LAN we had 12 players, wired network, my house was stuffed There have been issues before on wireless internet players, appearently they "teleport" cause your computer searches for a better network every min or sumthin like that, there was a thread about that somewhere on the forum. I myself often play MTA on WLAN to my friend, and he doesn't teleport. But if people complain then this could be the reason just so you know. As to the lag, umm ping should stay at 5-15 and you will still notice that the netcode isn't perfect, but its runs very
  3. well we got quite a nice 6 computer setup, all flatscreens (execpt for 1), 1.8ghz, geforce 4 etc, but so far we have only 4 players. my mate (the network admin) also has 1.5mbps broadband across the LAN, but were probably gonna keep it limited to our 6 computers for the first few hours before we play it online. btw, would u get any lag across the network? he has some like US robotics wireless router and turbo access point thingy, 100mbps or something.
  4. for a LAN party, you dont actually need internet access if all the shits installed do u, cos your playing it across your rotuer?
  5. acutally i believe in an update there is an addition which offers security against his bot
  6. k, another script now. im looking for one for alias mta.kill (obviously) which would say <[killers name] just owned [killed persons name]> or something is this possible?
  7. which server is the match with FMJ tonight?
  8. hmm, i didnt know we lost that many times to =AA=
  9. wow, the leader of the gang cheats? not good
  10. ok im trying my hand at a script which will slap a specific player if they talk in in my server, and only that player. so far, me and deejay have managed to get it slapping either both of us when we talk, or neither of us when we talk. heres what i have: alias mta.text { if ($mta.name($1,$2) == TmM-DeeJee){ mta.say $1 /slap $mta.name($1,$2) mta.say $1 Sorry $mta.name($1,$2) - this is an anti-talking server! } } any tips on how to make it work?
  11. a subnet ban would be good for banning people on routers who have dynamic ip address yeh? sounds good.
  12. whats the difference, the other dudes one worked fine
  13. alias mta.text { if (brb == $3) { mta.say $1 I DON'T THINK SO! mta.ban $1 $2 } don't have $ in your alias haha omg pwned im thick
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