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    Clan Dead

    Lol anyone from the old days still around? And at that poster posing as Wheelman(R.I.P), thats real low.
  2. You can tell things are real active round here lol...
  3. [KFC]DrAke


    read the thread... thanks for the tip buddy.. fuuuucking bright kid. what happened to this clan? site is gone? oh right... read the thread yea?
  4. [KFC]DrAke


    what happened to this clan? site is gone?
  5. [KFC]DrAke


    what happened to this clan? site is gone? lol
  6. [KFC]DrAke


    Daaamn, havnt been around for awhile.. Seeing the ol ULK tag brought back some rivalry days.. lol good shit
  7. Rob you arent some VIP, read the memberlist. Shit packed up compared to last years MC
  8. Put me down as Snow, didnt get around to doing to rockin the tag last year.. Ooohh let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..
  9. Thanks for the comments so far, im happy you peeps like the trailer, erorr404 and I have been hard at work with it. Sloth, it doesnt mean that at all, I am setting out some dates this weekend to do some scenes. Ill post it up once ive got it all straightened.
  10. In Vice City, anything goes. Two rival families, the Avici Family and the Vargas Family, have been in a ceasefire for over 3 years, but all of that is about to change.. After a car bombing which claimes The Avici Family's don's wife, Don Atteli of the Avici Family has no other choice but to subside with his anger and need for revenge. Now begins a war in Vice City between two major crime families that will never be forgotten. Mobster Mentality promises to be something that has never been precedented in any other MTA or VC-MP film. It is something that will be unique and like no other. T
  11. damn, I'm most def down for this.. Should be dope.
  12. [KFC]DrAke

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    Your some 15 year old nerd, that thinks hes tough behind his computer. I "laugh" at that.. Man, after reading your post a couple of times, ive noticed that your some kid that doesnt have any freinds, and seeks out to look "cool" on hte internet. Your a joke kid kid. Im not wasting my time with this shit. Feel free to delete this post mods..
  13. [KFC]DrAke

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    This shit with the "admin abuse" has been cleared up. Doon, next time you want to find a way to sabotage me, think abit harder. Also, you'll find that your not the only one with that kind of name, since your so fucking thick. I guess you wouldnt of noticed that just yet.
  14. When I have time, i'll stop by.. Or when I can be fucked..
  15. lmao, anyone that fell for that is a retard. That shit was funny thou
  16. Maybe because it was posted on April 1st.
  17. This clan wont be in action for another 3 years, if all this shit is true.
  18. lol, MTA's gone eh? Shit, this is definetly by far the last thing I saw coming. It's kinda odd, this being announced on this specific day n all..
  19. Their was a Mod called the 0.4 Core way before Blue was ever announced, it was on the main page as far as I remember.
  20. i played .3r2 not all that long ago and enjoyed it much much more than .5 or .4. Most of the vets stopped playing at .4 because you guys ruined the fun aspects of the game play. its funny, in .3 every1 complained about glitches, but now ppl would rather have fun glitches in .3 than ruined gameplay w/o many glitches in .5. sure in .3 u crashed some, but it didnt detract ppl from playing. .5 also is laggier for most ppl, mostly cuz of the obsolete changes u guys made, like the spawn select camera, and spectator mode. .3 was the hey-day of mta, and i doubt mta will ever have as much popularity as
  21. yea hes not bad at mta, he's a vet, but too bad hes an arrogant piece of shit, and when it comes to fighting someone who ownz him, its all excuses. werd
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