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  1. Hey dipstick.......for one I did not part sides. I love them both. 2: I have multiple PSX controllers hook up to my PC. 3: Vice City is not yet released on PC yet...(they better not just do a lame port of the ps2 codes again, we want more optimization for the PC specific version). 4: what the hell you mean by "then why did PC come before PS"?!? i don't get what your tryin to say......5: To correct you on the controller issue.....some games require the controller more than others while specific genres cannot be played without the keyboard and mouse......i in the other hand use a controller
  2. Yo same situation ova here too. the last time i owned a computer was when 486'es was the thang and pentium 1's where just round the market. but consoles was my business and i owned every major one out there. now im using a comp to play those classics..who that thunk it.... Its hard as hell to catch up to the high and living standard.......mayb till we win the state lottery? eh?
  3. LOL yeah I bet it inly sucked......it prolly can't fuck u but perhaps u can fuck it......where as a car?!?......the only car u'll see are 8bit bitmaps of one........ where'd u get that ad from NEways? Its pretty cool how the prices changed through time.........those where the days.......
  4. vaht u want amerkaner english or english enlish?!?
  5. but are you guyz able to totally (or minimally) rid the traffic and peds all together? Im a MTA newb and just wundering. Im already guessing that the engine only allows one player entry to the world.......blah blah i have no clue. But keep ups the work.
  6. Geck, wie Ihr sprechendes Deutsches des Problems das ist. Und Geck verstehe ich nicht sogar, was Sie gerade sagten. LOL haben einen schönen Tag.
  7. hah! um to rival your quote consoles aren't lame! If you think so u r lame.......why? Most of the code for GTA3 is jsut ripped from the PS2 version. In fact they stil left the memory card codes......and another thing most games on PC are mostly non action (where the users needs fast reaction with there input or be able to perform complicated commands), with the exception of FPS, where as consoles leads the way on platformer style, fighting games and any other response intensive based games. Consoles uses a more responsive and intuitive form of inputs (they use a controller). PC's basical
  8. I just copped this hot deal! What?!? Monitor and Mouse not included?!?....dude you got ripped off..................... thanks to all those that helped. I see that most you have an AMD base board. So this makes it easy for me now to purchase "cheap" quality parts........another question....those of you who can...do you get way more speed from AGP 1x,2x,4x than PCI cards? I mean is it that faster for ur system? And DDR memory......I don't really know much bout them cuz my mobo sucks.....but r they really a difference maker? Im thinking bout purchasing a MOBO that supports both DDR and
  9. Wezz6400 u got some kind of imagination and hope.......but hey I also would like to see that happen. C'mon look at internet play as of now. It's all good with CS and all and the countless other FPS'es out there oh and the massively developed MMORPG's too. But IMHO i don't like to play those games. They are fun yes but I LOVE GTA3(this is the only time anyone here's (or see's) me saying that 'L' word). Call me crazy but all I do in GTA3 Vice City (PS2) is drive, drive,drive.....heck I'm only 50% done(and I bought the game when it firts came out.) I love the bike handling physics so much t
  10. Im really wondering on how good everyones cpu specs are and the speed of gta3 on their machine........Im on a K6-2 and my game is running at anywhere from 15 fps up to 60 in some places......the bobcat on the sand area......rez is at 800x600.....using a geforce 4 pci card (I know my geforce2 AGP runs it faster but it caught on fire)......I wanna know cuz i need to know how cheap i can be at upgrading to something better. I'm looking at an older Athlon XP 2000. Trying to determine if thats good enough to run the furture release, Vice City. (sorry fo the long post.......heh heh heh....dude wh
  11. Im thinking that car mods also need to be disabled?...........(If true), but theres art of modded vehicles in this forum....ahem look above. False advertisement?.........If Im wrong sorry in advance. I didn't read post yet....heck nor have I downloaded MTA.( still researching).....have a nice day.
  12. As long as its legible........no mo l337 speak.......iz contagious......not really...
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