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  1. after reading this topic of petrol refuelling stations, if u've played that 2004 mod, you'll see it costs MAD ammounts of money just to fill a tank, like, get ready to spill out a couple grand for one tank. (yeah) but if it were like 100 dollars or something.... anyways just a couple ideas about the topic -stations like airports where your weapons stay on the outside to prevent getting capped up while filling up -as soon as you enter the gas station, your car auto-pilots into the closest empty slot -that car wash could be fixed into an autoshop where you drive through and your car is fixed up to %100. -drive-by shootings are disabled when in premesis of station -car is auto-piloted out after tank is filled (to prevent getting your ass run over) well just some quick thoughts.
  2. i like your style, except ive had the new d12 cd since long before it was even out so i barely listen to it much, its all about the new mixtapes baby, yeah! check out DJ Green Lantern and DJ Whoo Kid, maybe even throw in some Kay Slay and DJ Vlad. EDIT: Eminem - I'm Back. ( i know, i know, but its what im currently listening to)
  3. what is unofficial vendetta fanclub about??? irrelevant to this topic.. NEXT!!
  4. honestly, anyone who actually sits in the car and listens to the radio stations is a r3tard. the only forgiveness for anyone listening to the stations is cuz you're really f*ckin high, cuz i find myself doing that alot when im smokin.
  5. yea you are a wanksta alrite [Ghost -remix- biggie feat pac]
  6. Still Dre - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
  7. i dont understand why you have to take the fun away from the forums, face it, these forums are straight up GAY, theres the rhyme thread that we used to cut each other up in a fun-freestyle type way, and you fucked that up. LOCKED. but then again, you have a forum mod actually MAKE a general mockery thread, which IMO and others im sure, more of a diss to others than the rhyming thread. So, in conclusion id like to say keep on being hardasses you [censored]-[censored]-ass raping-[censored]. so [censored] you all. no but seriously f*ck you, why am i being a dick about it? cuz you're all dicks about everything and thats final, go ahead threaten me with another fuckin' warning for a ban, you'll never see the end of me, no matter what you do...this is reality now have a nice evening mofuckaz
  8. then you also have that fuckin loser rawk it who keeps closing fun threads. hes a bitch, oh im scared, ban me
  9. you could sit for hours sitting thinking of lines while i sit for 2 seconds spittin what comes to mind you dont get the message what im tryin to say read my lips and see me smile but this aint rap, this shits a freestyle your mangled tangled rhymes is like bad poetry dont dare open ya mouth, sum1 get this guy a mint for his breath, b i dont like KFC but kungs raps are better than deathb's. peace
  10. deathb is a fake who takes my rhymes and recycles them hes thinks its cool and that it entitles him dont even get me started at the laugh of the day your ass was second to post, what the f*ck does the title say? NO DEATHB'S!! NOT ONE NOT TWO YOU JUST DONT F*CKIN GET IT DO YOU but i guess its anything just to raise yer little post count even if your a fag named deathb leadin a clan full a' hose-hounds face it deathb, at rap you have no skills so go play mta but dont cry when kungfu kills im happy you got shit to do we wont hear from you and ya i do drugs, in fact im now stoned but for the last f*ckin time death YOU GOT OWNED let me just add that at least your rhyming with spirit but you talk alotta bullshit and no one wants to hear it
  11. Death dont talk shit about my physical features i bet you look like some mythical creatures go back to your little drawing board and fix up your rhymes see your just a nerd at a pc while im out sellin dimes how many times do i have to say? NOBODY LIKES YOU NOW GO AWAY! if i see you in this thread, you're straight up gay only cool people can hang, you're just standing in their way oh yea im not that bad, actually i know im handsome but whats with closing that thread, eh ransom? now i have to go in the back and come out with a gun shootin at you, 3 bullets left, 2 bullets left and then 1 turn around look behind you i wasnt even the one pulls out a 40 and takes a sip, while i still have a full-clip
  12. i sit in my chair, chronic smoke in the air but honestly death, stfu up cuz we JUST DONT CARE tallies are in and the results are right thurr you have no friends so get the fck outta hurr yer writin lotsa checks that ya ass cant cash maybe u could cash em if ya took that dick out ya ass speakin of d1cks, get off kungfu's ching chang wow wung wu i dun even know u but death f*ck you
  13. its like, Kung, look at all this jibber that you brung fact is your poetic-assed mof*ckin' raps are dung, but hey fact 2 is that i could diss you all day so go away back to mta where you say you da best full-clip enters game and click-clack goes the gat 2-4-6 vitual bullets headed at ya head and chest you would've died but your cheatin ass was wearin' a lead vest i say post haste and back to present time and day i just hit the weed or the weed hit me but at least i started bustin out i dunno im out peace
  14. lets get straight to the point hold up lemme spark this joint either PIMP has the worst raps ever made or hes still chillin in the seventh grade dont ever be accusing me of thieving raps, hell i might just have to see you dead and leaving cap shells so heres some advice take it or leave it PIMP, fix up your rhymes and but dont be like vass and just steal it El Burro your just jokes, but dont get it twisted take a couple tokes, and cut the length of your shit less you feel like gettin dissed up and then fisted notice my shits not long, cuz its not needed so keep that in mind or no one will read it!
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