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  1. Ello This is probably the last mos-eisely modelling for around a week, as i have exams etc. So here ya go! Tell me what you think! Pic 7 is the wireframe, pic 8 is the underside of the city, and pic 9 is a small section of the city, textured. It's just to see how it'd look, but the real textures will be differently toned, and different textures.
  2. That Tie's great! More Screenies -> Somebody requested a wire frame earlier on . . . the third is a wireframe
  3. I read a few pages, i got this idea - 3P detection - Player Proximity Pause detection. Basically when you pause, it checks how close you are to other players, if you are in shooting distance, you get kicked/warned/whatever. If you had a way of detecting pauses through the client, it would already be possible through mIRC scripts - i've seen the proximity scripts (distance between players), and kicking - duh, and detection of whether a player is shooting. Put em together, and, you have an effective anti-pause mechanism.
  4. 'Lo again About skins - once you got the rough versions, are you gonna make higher resolution skins, so they look more legitimate? Just a thought. @Johnline: They look fantastic with textures! Heres a thought . . . you wanna do the textures for mine? Hehe, it'd be good if you could, that way you could get all the colours etc. right, and you can make our mapped areas blend together @Turd: Dunno bout the ships in the dust bowl, it would be fun, but its outside the OT (old trilogy). But if they say yes, i'd say use the all the vehicle models, duplicated with blackened textures, layed down on
  5. well i signed up, and in about 1/2 an hour, im gonna sleep, but ill show you guys the latest screens just before. It's gotten preety big for 1 days work
  6. Actually, a podracing track might not be a bad idea. Wouldn't be hard either, but would be massive, ill look up some screenshots to get a good idea. I thought there were going to be full size pods? And yeh, we're focusing on OT(old trilogy) but Mos Eisely is in both, so the pod-racing circuit would still be there. But ill still wait for the go-ahead. But what do u think of the latest screens?
  7. Thanks everybody And sorry about the thumbnails thing I've made more of the map, with more hidden areas and fun routes, and all sorts of ways to get around (Pic 2 is inside the inner building routes.)
  8. You can change the handling so you can have more space vehicles, because i dount there are a hundred different land models. Anyways, IRC doesn't seem to want to connect, but ill show you a screen in about 30 mins of what i'm working on. EDIT: here we go, it looks more like the central Mos-eisely, or Central Mos Espa, and it's very accessible - you can go all over the place, all sorts of vantage points, places to hide, passageways through buildings etc. (Ignore the blues and creams)
  9. Yo i'd like to help - I can model but not skin, but i might be able to get somebody to help me on that. Ill work on Mos-eisly, or naboo - or where would you like?
  10. Well its odd, the server doesn't register on my ASE, but others can stoll see it O_o Anyways, that's problem 2 out of the way. Next --> Problem 3 : enabling mIRC. How do i use the MTAMA addon? How do i get the mIRC scripts workin with the server? I have the latest version of mIRC, fully registered and everything. Once again, thanks for all help, its greatly appreciated
  11. Aight, sadly it didnt work It wont show up in the ASE list, and this is the only thing related to ASE which i see in the server: SERVER: ASE registration is enabled . . . Will attempt to register . Meh.
  12. .:Vinny:.

    What we do

    Ah i get ya. I guess i thought a server which practically only CRC-checks sends a tiny packet back was easy i guess not. It would have been cool though.
  13. FANTASTIC! ! ! ! W0o0o0otage i got the server working, thanks to everyone! Sadly, however, thats only problem 1 solved. Problem 2 is getting it onto ASE. Im kinda getting the flow of things, so heres this ; the MTASERVER.CONF says ASE will use port +123, so should i open up port 2126 for a UDP/TCP connection?
  14. .:Vinny:.

    What we do

    The Server would stop the hacked clients from logging on, thanks to the CRC-check on the server. The super-server wouldn't have to be intense; it only recieves a small amount of information from the Game server, then the super-server CRC-check's the Game servers. If all is well, the server is allowed to start-up. As there is only a relatively small amount of servers, the bandwidth of a server wouldnt be over the top; the CRC-check from the super-server only check's at the beginning of a session (you cant modify the server while its being used - duh). In truth, the bandwidth used up would be
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