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  1. i personally found no advantage with the anticrash software... hope 0.4.2 is out soon. i love the game, but its hard to play in short bursts.
  2. found it http://shareware.about.com/library/ctoo ... icrash.htm
  3. I've got a p4 2.4b, it crashes every 5 minutes on average. don't think its a cpu issue
  4. 0.4.1 crashes SO MUCH MORE than 0.4 i was really happy with 0.4 it ran fine did everything smoothly, the mod was great! then 0.4.1 came out, thought i'd see whats changed. seems every 5 minutes (give or take a minute) it crashes. i haven't been able to get more than 7 min of gameplay in before i'm back on my desktop. i'm used to MTA crashing every 45 min or hour, but this is just unplayable. ...
  5. its half half. i prefer to jump out before getting to a fight scene, and going in guns blazing. rather than plowing through the middle hoping to get some kills... but thats just my personal pref, i find it more fun that way. as for being on the recieving end, sometimes it can be fun to play the matador against a car trying to run you over. but it can also piss you right off when you're in the middle of an epic dual, after a 30 minute chase thought the whole city, and you're about to finish the guy off, and out of the blue some guy runs you over. but the worst is when people have modded the
  6. url is broken? any chance of a re-post?
  7. i've emailed internode, offering to provide my services as a vigilant admin, and asking them to at least ban [drug] members from their servers. if it all goes to hell. atleast i'll have my server to keep clean.
  8. from today's game. BenDog ViceCity RudeBoys p.s. UPDATE thats just so he can't use the "i'm only a stunter, i'm not killing anyone" excuse.
  9. [DRuG]NikT was found cheating on "Internode MTA #1"( in version 0.4 said they([DRuG]) had a trainer, and they'd put a password on it. "so no n00bs would be able to use it if they got it" had flight abilities as a pedestrian. also saw some might mighty fast cars this session too. the Australian clan [drug] are PRO-CHEAT and should be banned whenever seen. BenDog ViceCity RudeBoys. VcRB: honest, clean and friendly killing.
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