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  1. Can the devs make it so that the planes can carry more then 1 or 2 people upon MTA installation? Because theres a private jet (forgot the name) which holds 1 person, i know this can be modded in but it will be so annoying having some servers without it
  2. So people can connect with modded content? That sucks i thought that server admins had complete mod controls
  3. Whos bandwidth will the mod updates come from? Eg server or a specified link which the admin has appointed
  4. Or we can counter engineer the mod and make all game versions back down to version 1.0 and then put a message before the download saying must be 18 to play and rate it AO ourselves lol
  5. Omg it took them a scientist to figure that out Not really rocket science (screw that its not science at all)
  6. If you want to fake a taxi ped, make it auto drive, alter the skin so theres a cabby in front, then make it so you sit in the back
  7. One problem, it would take everyone ages to join 1 server because it will have GTALC on it, which i think is around 50mb, which would nicely kill the bandwidth of a server PS: Theres something which bugs me about Claude (the main guy), i cant figure it out, think its the knees (havent played recent version, might be fixed)
  8. will there be some peds with same model as CJ? they do it alot, noticeable in gang members
  9. You could add it to the servers mod pack in Blue if it's good enough...
  10. bitch packing wouldn't be done anyway rocket launchers are available for blue anyway
  11. This things doing my head in, its even better than the M40, you can't even kill a robber because if you try and get close to him they will just shoot you, then shoot you when you get back up Just make it so the shotgun doesnt knock people over and do 80 damage each time and it iwll be ok Bring on the flaming you Stubby huggers!
  12. No GameSpy because then half the ppl goto gamespy and you can get banned from gamespy No lag, i spend ages using a shotgun but keep missing
  13. ty ppl ive got it online and im using the OC server
  14. Uhm which one do i download cos the step by step guide is outdated i think
  15. Im surprised the topic starter could spell IQ I bet u went around searching for GTA Online because you thought how cool it would be, stop bitching and play the game
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