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  1. NosGoth omg such an cheater just kidding it was good stunts but didnt like the song.
  2. I like CS and i think its a good half-life mod, and the things u said dosint always happen to me, but many in mta in servers, are noobs and starting bitching up , when the community grows then more noobs joins but its a few L337s in mta but most of them arent new too the game so soon u will hate mta too couse u see one noob picking up on u??
  3. Ive and some other Guys that like PC games and other Games types, we made this site called OmGamers it is now out, but it arent whole finish its maybe like 30 % finish. Visit the site: http://www.omgamers.co.nr or join our forums : http://omgamers.proboards27.com/ It will be betther when we fix the other things too
  4. fullclip is geting bad mother f, and didnt you have more count or am i wrong that you havint make even a word wow whos copy hes rap from anothers word was it u clip or was it vassie? dont know but think u never get the beer or have u got it bassie? ah this rap post sucked the other was betther
  5. Whatever dude dont need get filled up with anrgy words, we still know that you raped here.. so we still laughing that you still are rapin
  6. Then how do you know that i dont have a chance, I maybe dont have and nither of us could have, but i can still beat you in a battle with us two, Rapin who said we can that? Was that one jellus f#g? That is talking crap!...
  7. isint it funny who telling me i spam when he is the one that always spam.... j/k
  8. That was good but not the last
  9. if mine sucked then yours did too, it was predy same style, but u wrote alitle more
  10. omg are u like a sartastic one
  11. I know a game called gta, and its good too play mta, many likes vice city, couse its a brand new city, if you like too play gta vice city then you going too like too play liberty city, It was funny lol
  12. or why not signup or pay for your own webspace thats the best
  13. yeah TGA uploader dont work for me 2 in many weeks..
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