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  1. How do u suggest you'd install VC on a Linux server?
  2. You all shouldnt forget... School is not to internet at.... It's for getting drunk Oh and btw... get a job 100 mbit (sig), anything i wanna do (except for running a mta server )
  3. Thx for the reply... I got the package but am getting failed dependencies (libgcc_s.so.1) Hope this is not one of those cases where u have to install a compiler to compile another compiler to install... etc.. Will try and google for awnsers... Thx for the help [EDIT] For people who might have the same problem... You first need to install this http://at.rpmfind.net/opsys/linux/RPM/r ... .i386.html rpm as well.. [/EDIT]
  4. Hi, Question... I used to run MTA:VC 0.3.1 for Linux without problems on my RedHat 7.3 server... Yesterday I tried to upgrade to the 0.4 version. When I try to start the app this is the error i get returned: Executing /etc/rc.d/rc.local start .. /home/MTA/MTAServer0.4: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory From what I get from this I am possibly missing some compiler.. If so can some1 direct me to a .rpm or a tarball or whatever? If I am wrong, plz let me know what I can do to solve this.. btw.. this is w
  5. Why dont you try out other distros like for instance ASL (Astaro Security Linux) or smoothwall, firewall builder, etc.. Also freeware products, and a LOT more features. I know at least ASL has some form of traffic control... It runs fine for me good luck
  6. LoL... Alias mta.join { mta.say $1 } I know... its very complex... hope you can figure this one out :D:D
  7. In case you already figured this 1 out yourself, plz ignore this post.. if not.. 1st question i think is awnsered already... 2nd question, easy solution: Just place the mta.text part UNDER your other mta.text scripts instead of at the top of the alias... Works for me
  8. Hmmz Ok.. didnt know that.. Besides lazy I'm also old-fashioned.. I liiike notepad.. Just joking m8 i use visual studio.. Will try this 1 out tho.. Thx for the tip.
  9. No thats not what i meant... I mean in order to avoid having to click scripts 1st and then select the right script, and then click OK, a button to reload the current script would save me 3 clicks or so... I'm a lazy bastard but as i said... it is just a suggestion.. [EDIT] Hmmz... Oli seems you were faster then me here That's what I meant yea... [/EDIT]
  10. Hi Aeron, 1st of all nice mod.. thx & all that.. but i'm sure yr sick of hearing that by now.. 2nd a minor idea.. Up to you whether it's a good idea or not.. I would really like to have a button in the MTAMA interface that lets me simply reload the script. That way instead of reselecting the script after a change to it has been made, one would simply have to click the reload button to activate the change...
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