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  1. AJx

    You are a civil

    LOL... this sh*t is funny when u read it from the top to the bottom. Warlord is like: No.. No point... Nope... Naw.. No Reason.. Uh Uh... Nooooo.... Never... Well since you put it that way, yes it would be a good idea
  2. Ummm, I dunno about you, but I can understand his english fine... seems like everybody here wants to be a critic. The rule here is to keep it english, yet you bash him for trying to do so. Here's an idea... how about you learn another language and then criticize yourself since you have nothing better to do.
  3. umm If it was real... I dont think the guy would have gotten up off the ground and smiled for everybody like that... only acting could be that bad. lol, he seemed to be more happy rather than sad/terrified/confused.
  4. umm... I forgot what the topic was about 6 pages ago......
  5. Why would u block this thread... Gtatari already ended the conversation when he said "FIN" at the end of his statement... no need for further comments. and T2k2... we know he was not relevant.. thats why everybody "ignored" him instead of bringing attention to the fact. (Besides... better for ppl to yell around about how fake this shit is than to yell at the MTA team for delaying the v0.3 releases)
  6. umm flip4life... im sure ur not any less of a nerd than he is... so chill. Mr. Win99
  7. Ok CAjr45... See-ya, wouldnt wanna be ya. You know... its really up 2 u. Nobody is keeping u here or asking u to please stay
  8. Pathetic fake... The story didn't make complete sense and whoever wrote it didnt have good enough grammar to "supposedly" be an active CNN staff reporter... "The officer who who shot Hidell, Jacob Powell, was a recent recruit with six months experience on the LAPD, police said"... What the hell, are u stuttering? Nice sentence structure. lol but this is off the topic and a waste of time anyway.
  9. lol Horizon.. what the hell are u talkin about.. nobody said anything about hate... stop trying to stir things up urself.
  10. LOL $8499... for that price, it better Suck and Fuck me... and better include a Car. Geez no wonder I never had a computer when I was little.
  11. AJx

    More 0.3

    Hum everybody jumped on the GGM bandwagon.. and when MTA v0.3 comes out... everybody will take another giant leap right back in the opposite direction... I see a few ppl getting ready to put on their jumping shoes already. Then when v0.3 comes out, the same ppl who said GGM's Mod is the best GTA3 mod ever and that MTA was the worst mod created in GTA3 history... will be saying GGM's mod is the worst mod ever created and that they luv MTA and always stuck by their side... sigh
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