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  1. thanks! can't wait to try it out! --rob
  2. Hey all... I've been away from the scene for a while and recently got bit by the bug to get this up and running again. I'm running 0.5 for VC. I know the old script phpMTAS doesn't work with this version. I was trying to search thru the forums to see if anything has taken its place. For those who never saw this one, it's basically a web output that shows players' scores (kills/deaths), most used weapons/cars, etc etc. It looks like everything is for SA that I've found so far. Has anyone come up with something for VC or has anyone updated this script? I've seen sites like game-monitor, b
  3. Hey guys, I've been out of the MTA:VC since 0.3 so I'm a bit rusty on the scene... I've been trying to read and get up to date and all, but it seems all the info on stats is old and outdated. I used to use phpMTAS which I finally got working great, but from what I understand that doesn't work with .5 without some major DLL/iRC action, which is out of my league. I'm not necessarily looking for realtime stats (but that would be nice), more of a player scoreboard. I saw game-monitor.com and other sites like that, but that seemed to only show current players, and not overall stats. Can GRS be
  4. (sits patiently on the sideline...)
  5. just wondering instead of piecing scripts together (and me probably messing it up nicely)... is it possible to download "pre-compiled" scripts made with all the "best of" kinda stuff? Thanks! --rob
  6. ah ha: 13. What ports does ASE use? A: Ports 27243-27245 inclusive, both UDP and TCP. Don't forget to open the ports for the games as well. Each game uses a different port, so find out which one and open it as well. ------UPDATE-------- to anyone who has ASE working, does it give confirmation of it's connection in the server dos window? I just get the generic ASE is enabled, will attempt to connect, but nothing after that....
  7. Just wanted to double check, MTA and ASE >only< use UDP ports correct? --rob
  8. I was wondering about that... if anyone has a sec and can check it out, the server names are: BeekiNET -DeathMatch- Server /\smooth/\(VC:0.3.1) and BeekiNET -Stunt- Server /\smooth/\(VC:0.3.1) Thanks! --rob
  9. Yeah, I actually have the IRC side setup already... everything seemed to work OK, I just didn't wanna leave it on with only one or two people playing But maybe that's the way it should be... Thanks guys! I gotta check what's going on with ASE, doesn't look like my server is listing properly... I can manually add it, but otherwise isn't there... weird. All ports are ok, it's just not automatic. --rob
  10. Hey all... Right now I have just a base-install of MTA 0.3.1 server. Stats (phpMTAS) are run every night. Can I get some suggestions as to what to add on or modify to make it more enjoyable? game server: gta.smooth.net - port 2003 for deathmatch, 2004 for stunt mode stats: http://www.smooth.net/gta Thanks for any input!! --rob
  11. I've imported the db.sql into my database that I called vc2003. Using phpMyAdmin, here's the tables that are shown: Table Action Records Type Size mtavc_action 3 MyISAM 2.1 KB mtavc_chat 0 MyISAM 1.0 KB mtavc_players 1 MyISAM 2.0 KB 3 table(s) Sum 4 -- 5.1 KB I jump into the game with a buddy and mess around... I manually run the php -q exec.php and it does its thing. I go to the web page and it does seem to update top vehicles and top weapons. It also looks like it shows the player stats (num
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