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  1. I'm totally backing up Neon's opinion here. I'm spending very very much time in developping complex and very unique scripts that are making our servers the thing they are. Of course I trust the MTA team, but honestly what if someone is able to (and the effort would be totally worth it) to break somehow into the MTA server on which the compiling API is stored? This person would be able to add some dirty stuff there and then collect all server and client script sources that are being used on any MTA server who uses compilation and could steal them. And I'm sorry if I can't be sure that my scrip
  2. Here's a small tribute from me for all the MTA developers and contributors who ever helped making this awesome mod. Keep doing your great work I know it's not the best quality, but that's the best I could get out of this linux video-editor For germans who can't view it because of the GEMA, do the following (Firefox only): Download: [url=https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/stealthy/]https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/stealthy/[/url] if the Stealthy Icon doesn't show (basicly if you're using Firefox 4.0 or later) right click on the menubar and click "Customize/Anpass
  3. Does an increase from 250 to 700 possible streamed in objects sound like an improvement? I think so ontopic.: Finally the great Update, a big thanks to everyone who has contributed and to everyone who has made this possible, you guys are just great and I also thought I should make something for it, so I made a video about the evolution of MTA, it's uploading at the moment and I will post the link tomorrow Finally to say:
  4. of course I already did I just thought that often the best ideas and gamemodes don't get the attention they deserve and so maybe someone knows a video (beside the official ones) which is very impressive...
  5. Hai everyone... I'm currently making a video about the development of MTA and want to ask if anyone found a great video or maybe has made one by himself which shows the great aspects of MTA, like the infinite possibilities, awesome gamemodes and the great community... kind regards, Tjong
  6. Tjong

    NeoN NationS

    Uploaded again a new video which shows some of the functions I'm currently working on Link is again in the first post.
  7. Tjong

    NeoN NationS

    Well actually, creating custom models takes too much time, which I don't have at the moment... I was able to replace the .dff but creating an own .col didn't work at all and .txd is also a mess So at first I will be heading to code other important functions and maybe deal later with the custom models again...
  8. Tjong

    NeoN NationS

    I uploaded the promised new video, which is showing the new map and the first functions You can find it in the first post.
  9. Tjong

    Season Greetings

    Wow this looks awesome and also very nice that we got to the 4th place Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!
  10. Tjong

    NeoN NationS

    Well everything from the map is build up with GTA objects and also the bottom is just a (small) piece of object lying somewhere in San Andreas. But the first problem is, that it is way way too small (41 x 31) and as you've to move along into the GTA limitation of 255 objects, a huge object would be perfect. The problem with huge objects is that they look extremely ugly (basically because they're used underwater in San Andreas) and they're mostly just flat, the model I'm currently using has little hills which is way more realistic But both have the same disadvantage: they've edges, which look
  11. Tjong

    NeoN NationS

    Hi there, I'm currently working again on my NationS gamemode, which I started in 2009, but then lost interest in it. NationS is basically a gamemode which aims at the goal to combine the good ideas of: Minecraft, World Of Warcraft, The Sims, The Settlers, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and Command and Conquer The first unique feature it got, is the complete new map, which is generated by a map-generator that uses the normal GTA Objects and creates a huge new landscape which is exact as big as the whole San Andreas Map. The map already got four different landscape types: beach, sea, forest a
  12. oh what? how were I able to not find that? well then sorry for the unnecessary thread and thanks
  13. As the title tells, I want to know how this function works, as I need it, but can't find it anywhere in the source...
  14. Well as I stated here: http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=5113 I also got the setPedControlState Bug and didn't make any solutions to this, as it is difficult... My movement algorithm isn't very efficient I think, as it stores every camera movement of the player, it also saves several positions (every 2 seconds) to ensure that the ped is still on the correct way, as GTA SA isn't very exact... I haven't tried aiming yet, but shouldn't be to difficult with "getPedTargetEnd" and "setPedAimTarget" I think
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