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    MTAMA Scripting

    ya sorry I got that to work a little while back, Thanks though I appriciate it
  2. lol, In the vid I love how the person filming makes 1000 typos, looks kinda like me trying to type.
  3. Im sure they will take further steps to prevent cheating but I dont think trying to add punkbuster would work
  4. Im going to admit something, Im horrible, I have never played GTA III in my life.... I had GTA II on my pc I think lol, Im thinkin I need to try this game.
  5. ya amen to that, When I have increased time in the summer my productivity seems to go down, I just kinda relax and not concern nothin, I love the summer.
  6. fuck fine. jesus, I made sure I would ask the admin if I were aloud in before I played, and by sticking to certain servers I would and others accept that there could be increase crashs, I dont help people mod, if they want than they can go figure it out, As for it being against the rules and a shitty thing to do, I guess I cant say much, so I will stop talking about it and get out of this thread.
  7. k well w/e, its the only reason why I play it, they can do what ever they want but im not hurting anyone by playing in areas set up for modding and just doing it to go faster, seriously, I suck at DM and dont play it, so why do you guys care?
  8. Ape

    MTAMA Scripting

    k I got the rules thing and countdown sorted, Is there a script to kick/ban someone if they have a certain amount of kills? (stunt mode dont worry ) That way if im not there those asses who kill people with the heli blades and stuff wont last as long as they hoped.
  9. Here is my question... I dont use trainers, but I tweek my cars useing that numtels thing, I dont do it only to be fast but I crave tweeking it to find good combos. With that all tweeked I dont play deathmatch, I played it for a couple days and have soley converted. Now I ONLY play stunt and ONLY on servers that support vehicle mods, that is including my own server which I play on mostly. I dont see the harm done play a mode not based on abbility, on servers that allow it, with people that dont mind.
  10. Ape

    MTAMA Scripting

    hmm couldnt get it to work, thanks any way guys and Aeron, great little tool you made there edit: what does the "isin" part stand for?
  11. Ape

    MTAMA Scripting

    thx opium, I gave it a try and am puzzled, this is what I have now. countdown still working. alias mta.start { } alias mta.join { } alias mta.text { if (!count* isin $3) { mta.say $1 Countdown! .timerc1 1 1 mta.say $1 5 .timerc2 1 2 mta.say $1 4 .timerc3 1 3 mta.say $1 3 .timerc4 1 4 mta.say $1 2 .timerc5 1 5 mta.say $1 1 .timerc6 1 6 mta.say $1 GO GO GO! } elseif (!rules* isin $3) { mta.say $1 Rules .timerc1 1 1 mta.say $1 No Killing .timerc2 1 2 mta.say $1 No Jacking .timerc3 1 3 mta.say $1 Dont Be an Ass .timerc4 1 4 mta.say
  12. Dont tell him that cause its a lie, If he goes to the hood like that he gonna die, Do I think I can rap, hell no this is crap so I will shut my trap
  13. Ape

    MTAMA Scripting

    ok so im a huge noob, I read all this shit and stole a code posted here to get the countdown working, and it does, I tried to modify the code so that if I typed !rules it would list the rules, but its not seaming to work. I cut out part of the script, its right under the countdown that does work. } if (!count* iswm $3) { mta.say $1 Countdown! .timerc1 1 1 mta.say $1 5 .timerc2 1 2 mta.say $1 4 .timerc3 1 3 mta.say $1 3 .timerc4 1 4 mta.say $1 2 .timerc5 1 5 mta.say $1 1 .timerc6 1 6 mta.say $1 GO GO GO! } if (!rules* iswm $3) { mta.say $1 Rules
  14. also this a free mod made by people who have lives, if you want it to be done quicker than go make your own and stop nagging.
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