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  1. Here's a new link: http://www.mediafire.com/?a65rae7lnrxaxbx
  2. Try this: local ratio = round(tonumber(zombiekills / deaths), rat)
  3. Why dont you script around it? create a transparent marker attached to the vehicle, get its position, move colshape to it.
  4. Guy takes time to make something and release it, why tear him a new one?
  5. Your problem is that you check if deaths = 0 or "0" when it == nil, so it runs the else and since deaths is nil, it doesnt divide by zombiekills and thus zombiekills becomes your ratio. Change line 12 in your code quote to: if deaths == 0 or deaths == "0" or deaths == nil then
  6. Very nice! I have to +1 DX support. When thats added, I'll drop guieditor and use this instead.
  7. Any chance you will add textlib integration in the future?
  8. no need to post again, I already answered you.
  9. Then you're just editing the meta wrong (or ingame) or your linux server just isnt properly installed/configured. The mode itself works perfectly, I've talked to clans using it under linux, they changed everything, no problem.
  10. v 1.0.5 is out: Added player IDs support (scoreboard+commands), misc bugfixes.
  11. and you're using the admin resource that I posted right? Not the default one? If I had a linux server handy id test it but afaik, it works for strika on his debian linux, so I have no idea why its not working for you. I would just delete everything and reinstall the server once more, I'm pretty sure that will fix your problem. I'm sure you can ask Delux for a clean install.
  12. Well the only time I got this problem (exact same errors/warnings) was when dxscoreboard was missing. Maybe try to download it again from community and copy that one in there?
  13. And you have reload resource, killmessages and admin? Also make sure your "parachute" resource is not running since i include one in the mode.
  14. This particular error is common if you do not have dxscoreboard copied in your resource directory. Are you sure you did not rename dxscoreboard.zip to scoreboard.zip or something?
  15. Try 1.0.3, if it doesnt work, try on a CLEAN install of MTA server. AFAIK everything works fine for everybody else, I dont see why you get an error. Make sure you download the latest version of this resource.
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