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  1. i laugh becuase i enjoy what im doing. do i think i care if everyone hates me? look at this face>>>>>>>>>>. does it look like it cares? u stupid dum bas.t.ards! when you see me...........RUN! ahahahahhahha
  2. ignore me then u klowns. u fink i care? ahahahah
  3. u stupid idiot. who wants attention. i just want to kill and piss ppl off.
  4. Simply. by kicking ass while nobody hits u. simple really. it does kinda got borin. wen 0.3 came out and i hadnt bothered to hack the client i actually played cheater free and OMG it was like a whole new game. i actually have to run and fear people. it was very funny, and left me laughing. but its also fun to cheat
  5. You could spend forever trying to stop cheaters, but there'd always be some elusive ones. The idea is to cut down on cheaters as much as possible. A lot of casual n00b cheaters who downloaded hacks off warez sites but don't know how they work probably don't know how to change their IP either. ok fair enough. i had sum good old times on MTA. well im certainly unstoppable ask all the guys on this forum. ahahaha i used to kick all ur a$$es. who remembers my "ghost" hunter?
  7. 1)Yes I am 2)No thanks, ill pass on that 3)Who said there was?
  8. does the truth hurt? and i dont even play mta any more u idiot. but im gonna start playing again.
  9. master ban list? how silly. master ban list does nothing. click 1 button, change your ip, bingo, your back on. and this master ban list is supposed to stop cheaters? AHAHAHAHAHAH
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