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  1. I just find it strange how you fail to understand the concept of developing a mod for GTA because you love GTA - judging by the interview that's not something you understand, and calling everyone elses' efforts "immitations" is an insult to every single other mod imo.
  2. On the subject of originality, isn't it worth noting that there's a massive gap in what MTA covers at the moment by only allowing racing? People are trying to fill that gap, because people want that gap filled. You may well have plans to fill it yourselves, but you're taking a while getting there - and if people believe they can do a better job, or have a different goal - then why the hell not? People want to play multiplayer GTA, I want to play multiplayer GTA - why the hell would anyone want to develop a multiplayer mod for another game therefore? Or another mod in general infact. You simpl
  3. LukeS


    I'd say it was more like 72.36% actually, but it's close enough. On the subject of teams joining forces: Total different approaches in each, plus GTAT is delphi i think, GTA:MP and Rumble are both c++, but editing memory is completely disimilar to what Blue is/will be. Totally correct, there's the traditional trainerish methods of making multiplayer and then there's code injection and using the game's internal classes. The fact is, both these approaches result in different results but need different people on the team. GTAMultiplayer relies on it's team having knowledge of how the game fun
  4. I'm not especially clued up on MTA's bugs as I've never spent that long playing it, but I'll point out some faults in what you've said about VC:MP. I really don't think you can comapre the two, they're both different. MTA themselves will admit that MTA 0.5 is a poor system, VC:MP is closer to the techniques used in "MTA Blue" in that it actually works with the game, it doesn't just change things.
  5. VMP actually closed down completely, then I started GTA:C, it wasn't technically a merge, but a good deal of people came over anyway. Then a handful of the GTA:C people came over to SA-MP. StAnToN was kicked from the team and did leak files (well, tried). The VMP team and the SA-MP team are a long way apart, infact there's only 2 people who were on both, so it's not exactly been straight merges. Anyway, a little more information: VMP used a method that would never have worked, the lag was so bad that I might as well have sent my new co-ordinates in the post.
  6. Yea, anyone who's been in our IRC would know all about them. Just for reference, all of these screens xanni posted are just from our site (loosely dropped into the root, since image database in the MySQL isnt working just yet). gtaconnection.net/gtac.screen.1.JPG gtaconnection.net/gtac.screen.2.JPG gtaconnection.net/gtac.screen.3.JPG gtaconnection.net/gtac.screen.4.JPG Mad_Boy: Ive never seen you in our IRC, you arn't spying are you?
  7. You never got my permission to do anything...
  8. Xanni: Dont you think we're the ones who decide when the screens come, theres a few things, just bits and bobs which we took when testing (not proper testing, just making sure sync between client and game was working properly) on our webspace, but thats about it for now. Anyone is welcome to look at those we uploaded, but its nothing too interesting (yet). Jon: Cheers, its actually done with the SCM that, not necesserily the method we're gona use, but its certainly something we're considering seriously.
  9. Xanni, you're an idiot. Not actually chat, but its the box where it belongs. I could have made the screen smaller but I couldnt be bothered, PM me if it annoys you its so big.
  10. When you've made a working stable multiplayer mod, then say that. Good luck to gtaT, no matter how many letters of the alphabet they go through.
  11. That kind of an attitude annoys me, so ill correct you: - Firstly, a DirectX hook is not actually needed, theyre are alternative solutions, though we are not yet certain on which method we will be using, our team knows more than enough about directx, directx hooking is a completely different matter, and such methods as proxy dlls cannot be achieved with VB, therefore we will have to seriously consider the alternative solutions before employing a C++ DLL or Delphi. - SCM Code Injection is something that we ARE doing, our modules are already being programmed to do this. I think its YOU who do
  12. No offence was intended by my comment, not so sure about xanni's though. I meant it though, theres no point in having two clone mods, thats my point, so the more different we can make it, the better in my eyes, so im open to suggestions. Thanks anyways slush, 0.4 looks like its gona be difficult to challenge.
  13. Aye, deathmatch will be on the plate, but we plan on spending a lotta time on some co-operative game modes, hopefully being able to sync some of the games AI things and create multiplayer versions of some missions etc. an MTA clone would be a dissapointment.
  14. Oh well, since someone started this topic up I might as well add my two cents. GTA:C is a mod in progress, aimed at GTA:VC and the GTA:LC mod multiplayer, id tell you some features, but most stuff is still indefinite, and we'll be releasing feature lists on our site first. The team has grown immensely, and is now about 10 or more team members. The site is still unfinished by the way, so dont go complaining about its lack of information, ill simply ignore you. Still, at the current rate of progress, the first tests should be taking place in a few weeks. Flame this topic if you want, ill ignor
  15. Ok, after being accused of flooding the MySQL server and bringing it down earlier today, ive now decided that Im going to call this quits. Dont ask why, it just involves IJs and a long conversation. So, Blokker and Cray... sorry. (and btw, i didnt hack the server )
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