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  1. lol i was in the room when this was happening.. wierd though....lol... well at least now you have cruise control
  2. Lock this topic.. my problem is solved... This is what i did I downloaded the 2 cd iso's like a year ago.. then i tryed installing them last month but the installation didnt work so.. i got the PC Rip version and then i got tired and tired of trying to fix my problem then DGTADUDE said that the rips suck so i tryed again installing with the cds i burned a year ago and it worked this time..
  3. WOOHOO... hehe I fixed the problem... WOOOHOO I had the PC RIP version but then i decided to install the iso version and it worked WOOHOO thx for all your guys help
  4. well i fixed the problem now but i still cant see anyone
  5. well i re-installed vice city now it just freezes up right before the character selection.. and i upgraded to 1.1 and same thing
  6. yea im starting to get the problem after i installed a vehicle for vice on SP
  7. No i dont have australian version.. I live in California, USA... and how do i set my language when i was installing my game at the start i selected English
  8. Pwn3d... great work guys (even though mta doesnt work for me) now you're all over ign
  9. if this might help... i am using the internet through a network...
  10. I am using: Soyo Motherboard AMD Athlon 1.0GHz Motherboard Sound GeForce4 Ti4200 512MB Ram Windows XP 2600 SP1
  11. no i havent fixed it yet.. i meant the topic deletion has been figured out.. but i still havent got my problem with mta fixed yet
  12. well since that has been figured out.. i edited the name
  13. well all i did was install vice.. and install MTA:VC 0.3r2
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