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  1. The supervisor council has decided about resolving Ruthless Predators Team for many reasons. Can u locked this topic. Thx.
  2. CLAN NEWS UPDATE Members: doktor kicked. X-Bad joined as recruit Clanwars: some clanwars, more info here http://www.clanrp.info/rpsite/modules.p ... ewlang=eng Other: New www adress www.clanrp.info New forum adress www.forum.clanrp.info New scripts, new server statistisc www.staty.clanrp.info Merry Christmas !
  3. and boro will repeat it as long as he win. He can't lose, Boro its just a game !
  4. lol all PCP want boro as captain <- true , but who wants Kris to be a captain? I dont see any1 here from polish ppl ... PCP + HOT + some ppl from RP -> want bORO for cpt so stop talking bullshit CuBe coz u are the only one who wants Kris for cpt if u r so confident lets make a vote.
  5. ehehe Boro and his convictions, he doesnt want vote coz he know that he lost. Noone from poland except PCP dont want boro as captain. Boro thinks he is pr0 mastah polish player rofl /me wants a vote
  6. i am working now on html version, without sound in background.
  7. boro and crack n1 hahah Is that the same boro who say pcp never glitch ?
  8. ahh yes ofcoz mega super extra pr0 mastah mta player, plz forget me n/c netkid haha anyway i wont replay more about pl captain, i said what i think, if boro is captain u will see that it will be pcp team, and not Polish team. Loco ofcoz i am not spaming more... i wanted only say what i think.
  9. As i said my vote goes to Kris. He is FMJ, as a matter of fact Kris is one of the best polish players, it knows everyone. He was honourary in pcp, and he is honorary in rp. He knows all of us. I think he will be better captain than boro, coz boro will take only pcps and it wont be POLISH TEAM just PCP TEAM. Kris is independent and he will create really the best team from Poland ! At #PCP irc channel. Kozak and Boro what do u think ? that only u have a irc channel or what ? why on pcp channel ? if u want talk about it, we inviting u on #mtarp.
  10. Cube


    xaver, maybe u should learn basisc of irc scripting and write own, stats system is very easy...
  11. if ($3 == !addquote) { !write " $+ $scriptdir $+ quote.txt" $4- .timer 1 0.5 mta.msg $1 $2 Paragraph added succesfull ! Paragraph IDs: $lines($scriptdir $+ quote.txt) $+ , quote contents: .timer 1 1 mta.msg $1 $2 $4- } elseif ($3 == !quote) || ($3 == !q) { if ($4 == $null) { mta.msg $1 $2 Syntax error: !quote , range: 1- $+ $lines($scriptdir $+ quote.txt) } else { var %q = $read($scriptdir $+ quote.txt,$4) if (%q == $null) { mta.msg $1 $2 Paragraph doesnt exists, range: 1- $+ $lines($scriptdir $+ quote.txt) } else { mta.say $1 %q
  12. >:: UPDATE :: < >- MEMBERS: -< Mafia - kicked VoLDo - full member dOkTOr - full member SilVer - full member GhOst - full member SiTH - full member MoRo - full member Bezel - kicked VIP3R - full member Xenon joined as recruit. >- CLANWARS: -< 09.05r RP vs HOT result: 3-0 to RP 09.05r RP vs HOT result: 3-0 to RP 09.05r RP vs HOT result: 2-1 to RP 09.05r RP vs HOT result: 3-0 to RP 9.10.05 RP vs XE result: 2-0 to RP 14.10.05 RP vs FsK result: 2-1 to RP more on http://www.cube.vipserv.org/mtagw.php I have just updated my first post
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