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  1. Mr. Bill your my hero!!! see i have a router and thay my be my problem, am i correct???
  2. Please someone respond, i need help...
  3. when i go by the description on how to connect to a server i get into the game but after a few seconds i get a error that says "Socket is non-blocking and the specified operation will block"... What does that mean and how do i fix it? Am i doing something wrong??? PLEASE HELP I WANT TO PLAY SO BAD!!!
  4. yea they were i was the other guy that was trying to connect. But I am behind a router which messes up my hosting. And what is quakenet? I have never heard of it.
  5. LOL!!!!, i love the joke. Its what April Fools is all about. Good one Mr. Bill you had me going for a few seconds untill i read your other post about it being a joke.
  6. but doesnt the All Seeing Eye cost money to? last time i used it i could onlt use it for a month, then i couldnt use it anymore. dont get me wrong im all for getting GTA3 on something like that, but the whole thing that you can only use ASE for like a month or so without paying any money.
  7. i agree, i built my computer and amd is the best. the only way to have a computer that you want is to build it yourtself.
  8. Ok I'm kinda new to this whole MTA thing. I have had GTA3 sence it came out, and i have been playing it off and on sence then. how does the MTA work exactly? does one person make his computer a server (host) and other connect to it? or is there only certain people that can host? like i said im kinda new to this whole thing.
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