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  1. i like this tool, my shitty video card wont get fucked up like when i use fraps.
  2. but thats like a half assed modding attempt is all its gay
  3. lmao, yea, that is pretty cheap
  4. yes, its in the .scm, but ive unfortunatly been seeing this hack more and more on MTA, and because i really dont know you, youd better listen to opium and go with looking for the memory adresses involved with running, jumping is simple, look on the gtaforums, gravity, running though, i wont help with, i simply dont want to catch more heat
  5. alls the server has to do is compare files, b4 the game starts up, there could be a status bar checking the files, and once or twice on a hourly basis to check for consistancy, once the server decides your out, your out, there is no way to avoid it.
  6. yes in 0.2.2 miniguns were not ingame but they were synced, trust me minigun is out nowadays (0.3)
  7. Sobeit temporarily to the rescue ill host it 4 now, u guys find a decent host, orion get on it http://infofeast.com/users/sobeit/amazing.zip
  8. for a minute i thought u were talking abut the real GTA:LC
  9. it IS possible, but i would first go to bang my head against the wall, if all else fails (which i guess it did for them..HAHA) then i would kick myself in the ass PWNED!!!
  10. What exactly are you talking about ... EDIT: OH! The spas. Well, even if they removed it from the game, people could still spawn with it. This may be way out in left field, but I guess they would have to "unsync" the Spas so that it wouldn't work... As far as I know, people can still spawn with a Minigun or Rocket Launcher and it works fine. nope, if u spawn with the rocket launcher or minigun, or any other illegal weapon, kicked:trainer usage
  11. i know, there have been more complaints to take out the m60 and spaz weapons...idiots, i understand u never want to die, but u know ur enemy will take forever to kill too..........right? if anything...PUT THE MINIGUN IN!!!!
  12. here is another case of "im a n00b, i aint so good at mta yet, so take out the few powerful weapons in the game plz THX! " replys please shut up if your stupid...starting......now
  13. win98 compatibility made me go slower try again
  14. yea, hidden, like, on a roof, so it would be hard to get down
  15. this maybe be because most people have windows, its like me going out and making a dreamcast game.....we all know thats pretty pointless
  16. pretty sure XBOX doesnt allow 56k, there is a ethernet port in the back of the system, unlike PS2
  17. is there even a section at EBgames/Gamestop/anywhere that has a mac section? never even really seen a mac game b4...LMAO
  18. if u can distribute modded ones, the original is legal i presume
  19. [hint]or do what i do, go on a chatroom of some kind and ask somone for a main.scm bkuz u forgot to backup yours thats what i used to do , kindly ask somone for thier MSN addy and get a main.scm from the [/hint]
  20. well, what did he search just to state a opinion in a topic a week stale? o well....i just dont like the orange paper icon on stupid topics
  21. thanx again for bumping a topic (not referring to u twice, somone else bumped a old topic earlier)
  22. <VMP>Sobeit

    Mac version

    ummm this has been discussed b4, cant state the importance of searching the forum
  23. wow....moron dont u know that MTA appoints Beta testers? they wont just pick people off the street, they have trustees, so stfu and stop being stupid Lock request
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