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  1. Just got banned from ULK thought I would post about it. These guys banned me for so called cheating and it pissed me off. DVS banned me cause my health bar supposedly went right back up. DVS banned another guy that wasn't cheating and he thought they did when he would get killed by them. Not a very smart move. Didn't enjoy playing there.
  2. Ya, my friend and I were talking about MTA and the stuff that goes on while playing. I wanted to know why the normal ppl that walk around were takin out for the online verison? Also why it takes so long to kill someone? Let me start with the guys walking around. Yes, it may create lag but it adds alot of realism to it same with killing someone in a less amount of time. When I run over someone they still have like full health and it doesn't add any realism. I know I am new to the community and have no right to say what should go into the next verison but I wanted to let you know that MTA
  3. I got it running finally. My friend helped me out. Thanks anyways.
  4. Ok, let me set the right ports for my router. I will give it another try and let you know how it goes. Thanks. Edit: Here is what it says when I start it up(exact words): - MTAServer log opened - MTA Server for MTA:VC 0.3 (Server: 0.3.1) ERROR: MaxPlayers MUST be specified in the configuration file, be > 0 AND be <= 26. ERROR: The ServerName, ServerPort, Game, GameMode and BannedFile MUST be specified in the configuration file.
  5. # ServerName # Required: Yes and MUST have a length of atleast 3 # Purpose: Defines the name in which the Server will be known as. Useful for ASE support and the upcoming Listing Server # Notes: # None ServerName "[NYM] New York Mafia Official 0.3" # GameIPAddress # Required: No. Will set to default if no explicit specification. # Purpose: Defines which IP address GAME server will listen on. # Notes: # Must be in IP address form. Comment this line out for default. #GameIPAddress "********" # AdminIPAddress # Required: No. Will set to default if no explicit specificati
  6. Ok, Im back. I downloaded it and put it in my server folder on my desktop. I ran it and set my settings. I clicked the button Save settings and launch and it did. I am getting 2 errors now though. They say this. Error: Max players must be specified in the config file. Error: Serverport, game and all that must be too. This confuses me cause I have a config file and I set it all?
  7. Thanks man that should do it. I apperciate the help.
  8. Ok, I searched for that tool but have no idea what you mean and where it is. Only admin tool I could find was the actual admin tool when you have your server up? Can you post some links? Thanks.
  9. Well, I looked in the manual on the site that says manual and then I looked in the server part. Thats what it said I am pretty sure, but the point is that I can't get my server to run. I start up the program then enter the ip that I found in the config file and it won't connect. I also tried searching for it on the all seeing eye but found nothing. Anyone help me out? If anyone owns a good server shoot me an email if you would like to help out [NYM]. notorious200164@hotmail.com
  10. Ok, I am trying to run a server for VC. I downloaded the win32 files for the server config. I looked in the manual it said to run the install but the only program I double click on there just starts up the server not an installation program. What should I do? Another thing is there teamplay? Thanks.
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