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  1. This guy is the real MVP. I love you for this Nando, thank you for being a credit to the community!
  2. Hi! Just stopping in to let everybody know what we are currently full swing into Closed Beta, and if anybody would like to join us, hop into the Discord and make yourself known! The server is advancing at a rapid rate and we're wrapping up all the bugs before we go live. If you'd like to get an edge on the general public, and establish yourself and/or your faction, get signed up! Here's a few videos from recent weeks, of a SMALL snippet of what we have been working on and adding! You will find so much more in our Discord under the #showroom and #wip-stuff channels. Have a good weekend all, much love from us at 6 MonthZ In!
  3. Hi. My discord is messiahxadz#4163. You're welcome to message me. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone! Thought it would be a good time to check in! Within the next week or so we hope to open for closed beta phase. To gain access to closed beta, join the Discord as linked in the main post and you will find all you need to know under FAQ's. And here's the latest video Custom faction logos and flags. Hope everyone has a good weekend, bye for now!
  5. Hi, and welcome to MTA! Unfortunately no, there is no way to directly convert Pawn scripts to LUA. Though there are plenty of open-source roleplay gamemodes available to the public, and plenty of developers that take on paid services. There's an advertisements section called "Looking for Staff", that'll be the place to start if you decide to take the latter route.
  6. Hey dude! Thank you for your kind words, and we look forward to seeing you! New video in the main post. Switching pistol animations. Wishing you all a good week from us @ 6MI!
  7. Hi. I can script, model & texture. What's the pay? Feel free to send me a PM.
  8. Hi everyone! Making progress on random vehicle generation, gradually building a library of vehicles up consisting of vanilla GTA vehicles and modded vehicles, all with corresponding model years, model names and manufacturer names. Here's a sneak peak on how to obtain a vehicle. Have a great week all!
  9. A complete overhaul of the weapons system is currently underway, allowing you to customize a gun with a huge array of attachments that will attribute towards the stats of the gun.
  10. Hi! Updated the main post with a link to our forum that went live today. I've also added a link to a new video posted a few days ago showing custom text sign posts. Have a good weekend all!
  11. Hi. Added a video of a W.I.P Scuba Diving script I am working on in the main post. Have a good weekend all!
  12. Hi. I've updated the main post with a new video, demo'ing the base building I have been working on. With Turret's assistance I have also updated the reserved post with some object renders. Thank you Turret
  13. Hi everybody. Just a quick one! I've updated the main post with 3 new videos. Showcasing some of the new stuff we have been working on and implementing. Customizable characters, clothing functions, a complete rework of the weapons system and a completely new inventory. Thank you!
  14. Hi. Could you give us a run down on what sort of work this would entail. The current state of your server, where you plan to take it?
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