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  1. for some reason the .com doesnt seem to be working but you can get to mtascripts throught http://www.x32dev.com/mtascripts/
  2. ok we worked long into the night on the mysql and finaly got mtascripts.com back up so get posting
  3. well as i sed it would happen mtascripts.com has gone down unfortunately it was a little sooner than we expected oops
  4. [RT]kooper


    looks good but when are we going to get some propper cheat protection crc checks just dont cut it
  5. opium do you check your email account you used to sign up for the mta scripts forum, i sent you an email... sorry to keep posting off topic here but its the only way we can sort this once and for all and never hear about it again
  6. yer, atleast on the mta scripts tite other ppls scripts go credited, you know something bout that dont ya dan. i would also like to see these other site, has anyone got a link?
  7. the host was fine you were the only person with problems check your email opium if you want to use the forums fine if not dont use em just from the first post you havent said anything useful the first thing you ever posted was i dont like the site its not postnuke well fine, go find a postnuke scripts site, and good luck cos you will need it
  8. Aeron i made you admn at the script site so you can start adding to the archive http://www.dogtagworks.com
  9. well here we go the new site for the scripts is at http://www.dogtagworks.com archive and scripts will be there and it should be alot easier to find scripts on there cos its a dedicated site aeron when you sign up i will make you admin [edit] i forgot to say... if anyone had any ideas or sergestions about the look of the site can you post them on the forum, thanks
  10. Ah no.. You only changed some of the messages, and post it again.. wow.. now i know why this thread is allmost 50 pages... How could anybody find something here, if everything is ajusted for just 2 characters, and no real big improvments, and posted over and over and over again? yep, x32 developers in in the middle of making a custom site for posting scripts and archive for tested and working scripts that sort of thing... please be patient not long to wait now!
  11. i decided to use post nuke with a forum module, the pnphpbb2 module seems to be the best out there at the moment but if you know better please tell me. i have also started adding a 'archive' module, so all the scripts like votekick etc can be in there and found easily.
  12. i offered 24/7 hosting, and i still do, i can set up a forum and give aeron, oli admin rights and whoever else you think should have admin i dont need helpers to set up the site, just moderators once it is set up. but if you want to help your more than welcome. can i also point out, this is web hosting that i pay for so your not getting some doddgy connection to a doddgy server
  13. ignor that last post its complete rubbish
  14. i have tested your script oli and most of it works except a couple of things whn you manhunt vote or start manhunt on a specific person and there aint enough players for manhunt in the server you get this... and if there are enough players and you start manhunt on a specific person you get this... thats it eveything else is good, thanks oli
  15. if you just want a site for scripts to be on, in catagories etc you can do that in html but for ppl to post their scripts on its just gona turn into a forum anyway
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