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  1. hi, is it so difficult to make a mta:vc version for win 9x? ive got a rather old pc and the video drivers for xp are crap, so i can only play vc under win98 with normal graphics greetz steve
  2. i like the city design of liberty city, but its too small. i know every corner of lc, so its boring to cruise around . i think i would like vc better because of the motorbikes. btw i dont think that lc is dark...
  3. please insert both towns in the vice city engine cause its faster and you can do more things such as shooting the tires...
  4. great! i think we can expect great releases from you
  5. i dont like that true crime thing. the graphics are bad and it looks like an simple japanese fight game to me
  6. that screen looks bad imo. i think there should be a game like max payne. in that game there was a great athmosphere, so i would like to have a game like gta but with dark streets and real underground, just like it was in max payne (you cant do this with the gta3/vc graphics engine). one great thing of gta is the sarcasm in fun in it, but a game with a real athmosphere like max payne would be great.
  7. lol... even the mods aren't able to delete their posts ^^
  8. you cant install xp or any other os on another harddrive... the boot partition has always to be c:, i would use partition magic (i do) you can online install linux on other hard discs or logical partition easily...
  9. hm i think xp is even more shit than me.... i played mta once on my me and it didnt really work but im going to install xp because i want to test if the xp driver works with unreal (the me does not), so i will test if mta works better on xp
  10. i got some problems, too... i joined a server on which should be 3 guys... but i saw none of the players moving and even ase didnt list me as a player. on another server i saw one player in a car who didnt move or something. on the next server on guy was walking past some streets (walking looks great) but he didnt react as i began to shoot at him.. he continued to walk down the street against the next wall . when i shot him down, he was simply lying on the ground but not dissapearing (i think thats wrong? ). back on the other server ase did finally list me as a player but i still didnt se
  11. that wouldnt be bad if traffic isnt synched but disabled.... but make sure to place enough cars around the city...
  12. great work guys! i'm really looking forward to shooting someones head off a shame that the cars arent synched yet, but that doesnt really matter... MTA IS THE BEST!!!!
  13. hi, what are you going to do with paynspray? will the car damage be resynched? and what about the color (ok not that important)?
  14. the screens from gta3t look good, yeah.. but if if you look at the counter it looks much more like a joke... they must have problems with the gui
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