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  1. Holy fuck... 10 years since FKU? wtf?! Merry Christmas y'all!!
  2. yo dude. what up man? ultra bump or what? lol. Hard to believe how long its been.
  3. uh hello? any of you queers that used be my bitches still around? Perhaps I should dust off my SA and get me some new bitches?
  4. D'oh... missed it. Merry Xmas/Happy New Year anyway!!! Warfire
  5. uhh, you should send me money so i can buy a ps3 , or just send me yours
  6. any of you lazy bitches tried sa yet? or give a flying fuck??
  7. right.. but see we have no life everyone must have got one by now ha!
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! uhwaitaminutewtfdayisitanyway
  9. The storm is coming. It's gonna be raining FKU on your ass!!
  10. ROFL!! wtf? they shut down WoW or what? lol... How the fuck you been man. long time no see.
  11. {FKU}Warfire


    yup... we are just sitting back relaxing and waiting... just waiting... ya know, i can't think of another game i've played online since. thought about trying WoW but hey, i got a life
  12. {FKU}Warfire


    yeah, but DeathB is a pro...
  13. rofl... time to dust off teh ol' thread again eh? where's my bitch Quig?its just not right without The Grinch.
  14. ok then.... lol some of us old timers are used to waiting. and usually it's worth the wait .
  15. holy hell... its an FKU tag... ...errr watch the tk there eh? rofl
  16. lol easiest way to fix it is to not be "runned over". learn to avoid it
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