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  1. well, that of zooming in I ddidn't know wel no probs but yeah you are right I beter didn't postet this vid but yeah from thing you are doing wrong you can learn(sorry for my english)
  2. here's my second stunt video hope it is bether gunstn's come back ?!?
  3. k I gone try it /edit I don't gone try the problem with my host is olready fixt
  4. I have made a new movie, my host is down so I wone host it on gamersalliance, but the link in my mail dosn't go olsow
  5. yes I mead it to fast I had picked up the wrong my letters are small on my pc and trafic and that song are standing under each other toke the wrong and didn't looked to it before I uploadid it I did stupid, but I started egain, and from noon I am tricking and have only a few stunds I like
  6. k but a newer vercion of fraps, I think I have the last vercion help and, I Have looked to many other stund vids olready
  7. this is my first stund movie it is real short(and bad) http://gunstn.spymac.net/the beginning.wmv
  8. 7/10 pritty bad but olsow not whole bat yest keep traying
  9. It's a 1000 times beter than you first movie, realy good
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