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  1. How can I setup MTA Server on VPS (Windows Server 2012R2) Copying files and after starting MTA Server.exe doesn't work - I can't connect from game. Hope to hear something
  2. Solved the problem by using objects, created in default map editor. Now I can load them at 4500+ coords. It's the best choice for me, because theese locations will be without any functions. Only roads with beautiful views.
  3. I load my custom IPLs and in 6Kx6K limits all works perfectly. Also, loading them on 3900 works good.
  4. But I tried to load object at (4000;0) from IPL and even .map but it doesn't work. Or i can use only to 3999?
  5. But what about dimensions? Can I use them for loading different parts of map. One dimension = one part, am I right?
  6. In singleplayer i can use adjusters and increase this value
  7. I need to place objects in IPL abroad default limits. How can I increase map size, for example to 10000x10000 or something like that?
  8. It is because of water.dat in game/data folder. Change it and these holes will disappear.
  9. Is it possible to connect custom client to public server. I just wanna change loader pic and right-bottom sign. A great number of hosts dont provide custom server versions so i dont know what to do
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