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  1. Hi, I'm Rask.
    Best regards to the administrators and community of MTA: SA

    I would like to know if at some point my  unban in MTA would fulfilled, I accept the truth of what I tried to do out of curiosity, since the truth is that I wanted to test that harmful file on my own server to feel what it was. On several occasions I did not accept my actions, I even talked about it through this forum to see if a dissolution (unban) could be done, I thought it was easy, but it was not, sorry.
    I know very well that I was warned not to republish on this topic, but the truth is that I still hope to play again on my favorite server. (This would be my last notification on this topic).

    The only times I was able to play MTA: SA while I was banned was on another PC, playing at a relative's house, that was the only way, but on the other hand I played mta once a month, with pleasure (if I go to the my relative's house) I could pass that serial to them so that they can see my history on that PC, I only play on a European server with a different mentality than the one I played with Latin American servers.
    I even bought a new PC, and the truth was that I was very happy and thought that I would play MTA: SA again, but when starting a server I received the message "You were banned from MTA: SA".
    I just wanted to know if a deal could be reached, how many years would I have to wait before I could get a unban, please.

    This is my serial number of my current (new) PC: 99E3CAD91A1EDCDBE161E5ABACFCE9B2
    Sincerely Rask

    Discord: Rasvl#4588

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