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  1. yes, it worked before. I set it to 5.1 in the realtek audio manager aswell
  2. gonna try the driver thing. But the thing with my speakers, it says "5.1 Surround" in the configurations and i tested it there. All 5 speakers are working. I followed the instruction but still, when im listening to music or anything else, 3 speakers are not working. They only do in the sound test
  3. http://pastebin.com/F13HBmex
  4. -.- i dont know whats going on, but the game doesnt work again + 3 speakers of my 5.1 sound system do not work anymore after installing these codecs
  5. oh, no it doesnt...so, i guess i should reinstall it //edit: Thanks, works after reinstalling
  6. still doesnt work http://pastebin.com/tGj779yj
  7. the second link doesnt work I dont know which version of SA i do have, but it worked before, so i should have the correct version. This problem suddenly appeared 2 days ago...
  8. Well, when I start MTA, i can see the screen for like a second, and then the game is just closing... I ran MTADiag v1.2 and it gave me this: http://pastebin.com/SFw6Sfb5 Would be happy if someone could help
  9. can't anyone help me?
  10. [miLKy_wAy]

    Can't start MTA

    Hey guys, I just installed MTA again, and after launching it, this appears: Idk whats wrong there, hope you can help me.
  11. it looks like this now.. -- Script generated with -- 50p MTA:SA MAXScript v0.1 (23/04/2010) modelNames = { "pool01", } function reloadModels( ) for i, modelName in ipairs( modelNames ) do local temp = engineLoadDFF( modelName .. ".dff", 0 ); engineReplaceModel( temp, (i-1) + 4000 ); temp = engineLoadCOL( modelName .. ".col" ); engineReplaceCOL( temp, (i-1) + 4000 ); end end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), reloadModels ); addCommandHandler( "reload", reloadModels ); But there are still no custom models
  12. The Max script generates code that replaces models starting with ID 4000. That's just a random number that came to my mind at scripting time. Also, I was aiming to "race" mappers, so it doesn't really matter what model is replaced since race maps are fully custom. I may add a text box which will let user insert their own ID. I also thought of a feature that will let users set their spawn points straight in 3DS Max. [miLKy_wAy], I managed to get MTA to work and I'll test some maps including yours. Just post your latest resource here and I'll try to figure out what is wrong. <!-- Meta.xm
  13. I do <.< If you are in map editor you can start test mode, so you download all the map models and you see them... Btw. still no custom models.. heres a screenshot
  14. Why did you put type="map" to "script" node when his post clearly says info node? Refresh the resource every time you make changes to it. I already told you that i don't know anything about the mta things -.- so where or what is the info node? //edit: I got it now.. i can load the map. meta.xml: <!-- Meta.xml generated with 50p MTA:SA MAXScript v0.1 (23/04/2010) --> <meta> <info author="" gamemodes="race" type="map" name="pool01" /> <script src="pool01.lua" type="map" /> <map src="pool01.map" /> <file src="pool01.dff" /> <file src="pool01.col"
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